Save Money with a Costco Warehouse Membership

Costco Warehouse

That's right - spend money to save money - and save money, you will, if you join Costco Warehouse. A membership with Costco Warehouse opens many doors to savings and convenience.

There aren't many items, or services, that you cannot buy in, or through, a Costco Warehouse. For example:

Costco Warehouse Auto Program was setup to allow members to purchase cars through this program where discounts have already been negotiated for the members. Preowned and new vehicles are included in this plan. Go online and simply fill in your zip code and your car requirements and you will be connected to a dealer near you who can help you. Simple to use and you are under no obligation to purchase.

Costco Warehouse Travel can take care of any of your travel needs and wants. Whether you want a hotel package, a rental car, or a cruise, they can make it happen for you at a great price. Go online to get help with your next vacation.

Costco Warehouse Automotive has many accessories for your car or your truck. Their tire program is awesome. Periodically, they offer some of the best tire brands at a reduced price, and if you can plan your tire purchase with this deal, you will realize great additional savings. The tire sale is great, but the service after the sale is awesome. Imagine getting a nail in your tire? Just take it to a Costco Warehouse auto shop, and for no additional charge, they will fix your flat tire. Every four to six weeks, go in, and have the tire air pressure checked - no additional charge. Tire rotations and balancing are also provided for the life of your tires - no additional charge. I keep the sales receipt for my tires in an envelope in the glove box of the car so that I will have it with me, wherever I am, in case I have a problem.

Costco Warehouse Optical Department provides a full range of services. Our family has had many eyeglass prescriptions filled by their Optical Department. They offer a large variety of upscale frames and a warranty. Contact lenses can also be ordered through Costco Warehouse, but we have not used that service, so I cannot share any information on it.

Costco Warehouse 1-Hour Photo Center offers many photo services. Turn a photo into a gift: a throw to keep you warm, a cup or a mouse pad with your favorite photo on it, or turn a special photo into canvas art. Or, perhaps you have some old movies or VHS tapes; Costco Warehouse 1-Hour Photo Center can transfer them onto a DVD. (I am having our old family movies and VHS tapes transferred to a DVD as a surprise Christmas gift for my husband. I am having a second copy made for my sister, since many of our movies include her children when they were small, along with great moments with our parents. I know both of these special people in my life will be thrilled with this Christmas gift.)

The above is just a sample of the many services offered by Costco Warehouse. Now, let's talk about our everyday needs and wants.

We like Pepperidge Farm 15 Grain Hearty Texture bread; at Costco Warehouse, we purchase two loaves (pre-packaged) of this bread for $5.89. My local chain grocery store sells the same product for $3.99 for one loaf. My savings on two loaves is $2.09. The two loaf package works great for my family and provides us with bread for a week.

Yoplait yogurt is a favorite at our house, and purchasing it in a box with 18 individual containers, at Costco Warehouse, is a good buy. This box, which contains 6 strawberry, 6 peach, and 6 blueberry, costs $8.19. Purchased individually in my local grocery store at $.59 each, they would cost $10.62. This makes a savings of $2.43 on 18 containers or $.135 each container.

Costco Warehouse Chicken

Approximately every ten days, I purchase a rotisserie chicken from Costco Warehouse. These chickens are delicious, and they only cost $4.99, plus tax. Most of the chickens are large, and I can get two meals from one chicken. (I feed three adults.) What a deal – meat for two meals for $4.99! My local grocery chain store sells rotisserie chickens for $6.99, so my savings on a rotisserie chicken is $2.00.

Costco Warehouse makes yummy pizzas. Their bake at home, 16 inch pepperoni pizza is loaded with pepperoni and cheese and sells for $9.99. (Periodically, they run the bake at home pizzas on special, and reduce the price by $3.00.) Another option available is to buy an already baked 16 inch pizza (12 slices) from their Food Court, and you can even call ahead to have it ready for pickup for the same price of $9.99 plus tax. Pizza Hut is running a special on their pizzas, and a14" pizza costs $10.

Whether we are traveling or at home, we purchase gasoline at Costco Warehouse, and we save money. Their price per gallon is always a few cents less than local gas stations. Also, by using the Costco Warehouse American Express True Earnings Credit Card, we get a 3% cash back on our gasoline purchase. This is a win-win deal.

Another great savings opportunity offered by Costco Warehouse is their American Express True Earnings Credit Card. This American Express card is available free with a Costco Warehouse membership, and you can use it to pay for your purchases in the store as well as those outside the store. Use this card to purchase gasoline, and receive 3% back on your gasoline purchases up to $3,000. Charge meals on your Costco Warehouse American Express card, and receive 3% back on restaurant charges. Book your next trip using this card, and receive 2% back on travel. Anything else you charge on your Costco Warehouse American Express True Earnings Credit Card, you will receive 1% cash back. This is a great program, since it allows you to get cash back on your purchases; the cash back accumulates and is paid out once a year. Typically, in February, I receive my annual reward; it can be used in the store, or last year, I simply cashed it out at the store. (The reason I cash it out, as opposed to using it against a purchase, is simple – by not applying it to the purchase, I charge more on my American Express card, which will be eligible for the cash back return next year.)

In Closing

My Gold Star Membership at Costco Warehouse costs me $50.00 a year, and I save much, much more than that each year. In addition to the savings listed above, monthly booklets are mailed to members offering special prices on designated items. Costco Warehouse offers so many more products and services than I have covered in this article. Do yourself a favor, check into becoming a Costco Warehouse member.

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