With more than 30 million seniors coming of age, as one of the largest age groups, seniors are traveling more and exploring the world around them, they are living longer, and in better health, and will typically spend more money to indulge their passions.  Senior travel clubs are popular now more than ever, and offer a variety of travel options that are designed specifically for seniors.  Travel clubs have the professionals thatSunset(76734) stand ready to help and the resources to ensure a wonderful time to be had by all.  

With a little research, it is easy to find budget travel deals that will not only meet your individual needs, but offer activities and benefits that will give you that vacation getaway that you have long dreamed of.  You and your travel companions can enjoy escorted guided tours that can be tailored to what you want, and in many cases the tours are deeply discounted for seniors.  Whether you are interested in day trips, the exotic safaris of Africa, or the captivating rain forests, a senior travel club can be a perfect place to start. 

For seniors who want to travel at a slower pace, there are small group tours where you can enjoy the company of others with similar interests, whether you are visiting medieval castles and villages, immersing yourself in local customs, food, wine and markets, there are many seniors travel clubs that are designed specifically for active seniors and see to it that you get the vacation you are looking for in the comfort and style you expect.  There are educational tours with destinations to many countries that cover history, art, and culture with visits to historical sites; for seniors who like to hike and explore, there are escorted walking tours given at a slower pace where you can fulfill your quest to venture down the road less traveled.  If you want to elevate your travel experience, try any one of the thousands of Road Scholar educational tours given by world-renowned experts, the experience is unmatched by any other educational program.  In many cases, seniors travel clubs will take care of accommodations, transportation, and activities.  Consider joining a senior’s travel group, as it is a great way to meet people with similar interests, get an idea of the activity level of other members, and share ideas and experiences with others. 

Lion in the WildIf you are the adventurous type who loves the outdoors, there are travel clubs that offer very unique experiences from the intriguing wide-eyed beautiful topography of the Canadian Badlands; experience the thrill of an African safari; hike through the Amazon jungle or the Andes in Peru; take a boat ride on the Ganges before lunching at a charming eatery in Kathmandu where you will be seduced by an extraordinarily breathless view of the Himalayas; the risk taking senior can explore the ancient caves in western Europe or jump on a horse-drawn sleigh in Transylvania.  The sea mist and the warm waters of the San Juan Islands beacons you, where you can do a little kayaking, whale watch and explore the islands where a sea of adventure awaits, where you can experience nature’s fragile ecosystem and be thrilled by the unmatched beauty of the San Juan Islands.  As you answer the call of the wild, picture yourself moving to the rhythm of the tropicsSail Boats, feel the wind at your back as you set sail on clear blue waters, destination unknown, 0r see the dazzling sunset working its magic as the day meets the night as you kick up the sand on a pristine black sand beach. 

There are many travel deals for the budget conscience; senior’s travel clubs have something for everyone.  Go ahead, test the limits of your imagination, an incredible journey awaits you.

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