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If you are hear chances are you have heard of the new revolutionary healthy antioxidant energy drink called Xowii. Xowii isn't actually just an energy drink, while there is the Xowii energy drink, Xowii is also prepped to release Xowii Thin on November 14, 2009. To make things even better Xowii will be offering a new product called Xowii Ultra which is a liquid vitamin supplement to making taking your vitamins less of a chore.

What is Xowii?

So now you know about Xowii, but what exactly is it? Xowii is being marketed as an MLM, which means that as a person, you can get involved in the business while the products are still young. Through the use of network marketing, you can help promote the product and build yourself a long term business model.

How successful has Xowii been up until this point?

Xowii CansWell, in the first month of Xowii's existance, the company has already pulled over 1.9 million dollars in revenue. That is pretty outstanding and unheard of in network marketing. Getting involved in such a product at the top of the food chain is ESSENTIAL in becoming one of the dramatically succesful marketers in the business. Being involved from the ground floor dramatically reduces the efforts required to grow your downline to astronomincal levels.

Xowii Ingredients

Another amazing thing about Xowii that seperates it from the competition in the crowd is the fact that there is total transparency behind the ingredients in the drink. One competetive edge Xowii has over its competition is the KonaRed Coffee Cherry; Xowii actually has exclusive rights over this super food for the next three years making it nearly impossible for competition to step in the way of Xowii's success.

Below I've listed the main health ingredients you will find in the Xowii Energy drink.

KonaRed Coffee Cherry: A revolution in the global health industry, this superfruit has an Orac rating of over 40,000 - almost double that of the Acai Berry.

Glucosamine Enhanced: 250mg, Plant Derived. Glucosamine is proven to help with joint flexibility, mobility and discomfort.

SuperBlend: A harmonious blend of the Acai Berry, Aronia Berry, Elderberry and the Concord grape. Add this to the energy-boosting abilities of the other ingredients.

Xowii Ingredients

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Sounds pretty interesting huh?
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