Bikes at work
Credit: BD

Cycling has become very popular as a means of travelling to and from work. More and more workers are realising the benefits that can be enjoyed from pedalling under their own steam.

Residing up to 10 kilometers from one's place of work makes cycling a viable option for commuting. In many instances it is faster and much more enjoyable than being stuck in traffic.

Even for those living farther than 10 kilometers from the workplace, commuting by bicycle should be seriously considered. Depending on an individual's fitness level, it may be necessary to build up to cycling the full distance. Cycling to the station, taking the train for the ride to and from work, then cycling home again is a good way to build up to a reasonable level of fitness.

Here are five reasons why cycling to work warrants serious consideration.


1. Low Cost

Cycling does not require a large investment to get started. Once you have the equipment, apart from a bit of maintenance, you are all set. Every time you swing your leg over the bicycle seat is, virtually, a free ride - no train fares, no vehicle costs.

2. Excellent Form Of Exercise

It is well known that cycling is a fantastic cardiovascular workout. Exercising while travelling to work is an extremely efficient way to utilise precious time.

3. End Of Trip Facilities

Many workplaces have a place to secure bikes along with facilities for showering and changing. Employers are actively encouraging cycling by providing such facilities. It is a well known fact that healthier employees are happier and much more productive.

4. Closer To Nature

There is something about being outside that refreshes the body and brings us closer to nature.  It is good for the soul. Even in an urban environment, cycling provides the invigoration the mind and body craves. It is also healthier than riding a train, sharing recycled air with fellow commuters in a crowded carriage. 

5. Sense Of Satisfaction

No, not the smug “I’m doing my bit for the environment” sense but the feeling of achievement, setting a target and nailing it. 

Trial cycling to work for a day, or even just one way. The key element is planning and setting oneself up for success. 

Monday is never a good day to get motivated to try something new. So, make a deal with yourself to ride in on a Tuesday, then home later in the week.

Make a plan, be prepared and go for it. The benefits are yours for the taking.