A shrub native to Mexico, California, and Arizona, jojoba (ho-HO-bah) produces seeds that are essential to many bath and beauty products. Jojoba oil extract comes from jojoba seeds and consists of fatty alcohol and acids that are good for moisturizing the body. The refined oil extract does not have color while it is golden in its unrefined form.

Much like sebum, this special oil is different from any other oil such as vegetable oil. It is usually used for cosmetics such as body wash, lotions, creams, and other skin care products. Apart from that, the oil from jojoba is also used for skin care. Although it is technically a vegetable oil, it cannot be used for cooking like olive oil or coconut oil. Eating food with jojoba oil will only give you steatorrhea i.e. having oily feces or stool, so do not dare eat it. The extract from jojoba is only good for external use; it can aid in removing those stretch marks, and even stops the appearance of those dreaded wrinkles. The jojoba based ingredients in products can also function as a fungicide and can control mildew.

Since its makeup is about the same as that of human sebum, jojoba offers is the most organic type of oil for moisturizing the body. It is one of the best extracts you can see in a body wash and you can find such products in any store whether online or offline. There are many brands for you to choose from. You can buy jojoba body creams, body wash, and even hair creams. These beauty products are affordable making products with jojoba extract a very alluring choice.

Many people ask why this oil is good for the skin if you can use other moisturizers. To answer that question, as you age, your skin produces less and less oil making your skin rough and dry. Aside from that, wrinkles will be knocking on your door too. With enough moisture however, you will be able to maintain that youthful glow in your skin.

Jojoba oil is the most organic and most natural moisturizer there is so go right ahead and buy an organic body wash with jojoba or a cream or you can try both. Even if there are a lot of body creams and moisturizers available in the market today, jojoba oil is still your best option because it blends with the body's chemical make-up.

Aside from using products with jojoba oil extract, eating right with enough nutrients and vitamins is the way to go. Vitamin E and C are the most important vitamins for your skin because vitamin C reduces the appearance of wrinkles while vitamin E will keep your skin looking healthy.