Jojoba Oil: You don't have to know how to pronounce it to use it on your head.

If you know anything about beauty products, you’ve probably run across jojoba oil. It works great as a lip balm, makeup remover, massage oil, and facial moisturizer. I particularly love it because it I’m prone to breakouts, and jojoba oil is noncomodogenic. In other words, it won’t clog your pores. But did you know that you can also use jojoba oil for your hair? Well, you can!

Dry Skin

If you get dry skin, like I do sometimes (watch out for some of the telltale symptoms, including flaky skin, winter eczema, your face feeling tight after a shower, chapped lips, and any cracked skin), you’re no stranger to using a moisturizer on your face and hands. (Jojoba oil is great for that, too.) But I think a lot of us underestimate the importance of moisturizing our scalps. And most of us never realize just how dry our scalps have become until we experience that annoying condition called dandruff.

Well, I’m inviting you to take a more proactive stance here. Stop the problem before it starts. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much more vibrant and flexible your hair looks!

When to Use It

One of the best times to add jojoba oil to your hair is after a shower. Adding it at this time helps to lock in the moisture from all that water. Drip it around your head, being careful not to overdo it; if you add too much, you’ll risk getting the new nickname, “Slick.” Start conservatively; you can always add a little more if you need it. Massage the oil into your scalp first. Be gentle. Then, use a brush to help spread it out over the length of your hair. Make sure to leave the oil in your hair for at least a half-hour. In fact, you can even leave it in overnight, if it’s getting near bedtime. Just make sure to put something over your pillow, so it doesn’t soak through with oil. That would be kind of gross.

More Tips

Here are a few other tips to help keep your scalp and hair well taken care of. Don’t shower too often. Once a day, at most. Any more than this and you’ll begin to strip your scalp of essential oils that keep you hydrated. And when you do shower, use warm water, but not hot water. Hot water strips away these oils much more quickly.

If you live in a dry climate, or are constantly indoors with a lot of air conditioning or dry heat, consider getting a humidifier for your room. This can help to replace some of the moisture that you’re not getting from the environment.

Jojoba oil is great for your hair. It’s also fairly inexpensive, and all natural. It’s truly an underappreciated beauty product. Another great oil for your skin is coconut oil, which is also a delicious cooking oil, in addition to have some unorthodox uses.