Most of us dream about owning a Porsche or a Ferrari, or maybe even a sweet SUV or a Mercedes. There aren't many of us that dream about driving the cars listed below though. Here is our list of the silliest cars ever made...

1.     The Smart Car

Smart is actually owned by Daimler, which you think would give it some prestige, sadly, these little city cars are just silly looking. Yes, we get the point, they're supposed to be small and compact and easy to get around in. We even acknowledge how easy they are to park. The point is though, who wants to be seen in one? They are absolutely ridiculous looking. And now even the police in some countries are driving them. How are you supposed to have a high speed chase in a Smart car?

2.     The Reliant Robin

It has three wheels. Seriously. Who thought a car with three wheels was a good idea? Plus, they're notoriously unstable, and can tip over when rounding the slightest bend. We think they might have actually been invented as a joke. The only benefit of a Reliant Robin is that you don't need a real license to drive one. Legally, because it's such a low powered car, you need only a motorcycle license to operate one. Oh, and it's taxed as a motorcycle too. But that kind of begs the question that if you're so hard up and don't have a license, why don't you just buy a motorbike? At least you'd look cooler...

3.     The Smart Crossblade

Yes, we know there's already one Smart car on the list, but this one really does deserve a special mention. The Smart Crossblade was a version of the Fortwo Cabrio, and was marketed in the early 2000s as a roadster. Basically, this meant that it didn't have a roof. Or a windscreen. Or real doors. Really? A car without a windscreen, that sounds safe. The chances of you surviving an accident in a Crossblade are approximately zero.

4.     The Brutsch Mopetta

Okay, it might be cheating a little to have this on the list, since it was never mass produced and distributed. However, it is very, very silly. The Mopetta was basically a 50cc three wheel moped with a very small car body put on top of it. It reached a grand total of sixty seven inches in length, and when you sat in it you were about three inches off the road. Not only did it look completely ridiculous, but it pretty much meant you were driving a kid's tricycle down the motorway. Opal did express an interest in distributing it, but thankfully never made the commitment.

5.     The Hummer

This might seem like a strange choice, given the other cars on the list, but the Hummer truly is a silly car. Designed as a civilian version of the army Humvee, Hummers were pretty much just huge tanks that drank gallons of petrol a minute. But people actually drove them. On roads. In cities. The great thing about a Humvee is that it can drive anywhere, and survive gunshots and landmine hits. We're not sure that these characteristics deserved to be given to a civilian vehicle that was basically owned by men with very small... feet. As far as cars models go, the Hummer was ridiculous. It even needed two parking spaces at the store. Fortunately, the one huge benefit of the economic crisis was that GM decided to stop production of the brand and begin dismantling it. So at least we have something to thank all those immoral bankers for.