Humour is an essential ingredient of life. As such, both men and women, often look for and appreciate a good sense of humour in others. Through adversity it is often this ability to see the funny side of life which helps us to survive.

Somewehere in humour lies Jokes.

Jokes are a strange thing to define. This is because, what may leave a person hardly being able to catch their breath through their laughter, may leave another person totally unmoved. This is sometimes down the the individual's telling of the joke, or the fact that the joke has been heard many times before and has become old hat. There are some jokes that are timelss though and these may make you laugh, no matter how many times you have already heard them.

It is fair to assume that jokes, in one form or another, have been around for as long as speaking human beings have. A joke may consist of one funny sentence and this will be called a one liner. However some jokes are almost like small stories and the punch line will be at the end. This punch line is what the whole joke is leading up to and what should make you laugh. There are adult jokes which include swear words or rude terms as well as innocent children's jokes.

Modern comedians often have stage acts, these days, that do not include the telling of traditional jokes. Comedians, such as Billy Connolly, will more talk, or ramble on, about everyday life situations but add a funny twist or simply show the incident's funny side.

Here are a couple of examples of age old jokes, such as:-

Why did the chicken cross the road. To get to the other side.

My dog's got no nose. How does he smell? Terrible

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

A woman walks into her Doctors' and says that she thinks she is a pair of curtains. Pull yourself together, he tells her.

The Internet has seen many of us becoming pranksters and passing jokes on via our e.mails. These days it is not unusual to receive a whole barrel of laughs each time you click on receive e.mails. This just reinforces my hope though that, the humble joke, the comedian and the laughter, will go on forever.