To comic book fans the name Bogdanove is very well-known with most of his fame coming the Superman comics including the “Death of Superman”. He also worked on “Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men” “Power Pack”, “X-Terminators” and others; he also created the character Steel. He made a short comeback for the DC Retroactive: Superman in 2011. Today he is looking to bring the fans something new and fresh with the new title “Strongman”. The title is now on KickStarter and if enough fans sign up the project will become a reality. Also collaborating in the project are Kal-El Bogdanove and Chris Faiella.

Who Is Strongman?

Strongman is a character from the 1920’s and its main character is Bron Bellman (Strongman) who has a cast of sideshow characters that help him fight evil. The character comes from real-life strongman acts of the time who would do what seemed as superhuman feats such as lifting 16 grown men or stopping a small-caliber bullet with the head. Some of the names mentioned during the presentation were the Mighty Adam and Louis Cyr, but of course those real strongmen did not have to use their tights for anything other than a show.

What is appealing to comic book fans is that the strongman acts of the 20’s shows were almost superheroes because of the feats they used to do. Add a little touch of the magic of comic books and Bron Bellman becomes a very amazing character right away. Though you will see some similarities to the first superman costume (that costume was partly based on the strongmen of the day) they have obvious differences and we are not just talking of the mustache. Bellman will become stronger with magic while Superman is vulnerable to such attacks. Even without magic Bellman is still a formidable hero with his strength that pushes the limits of human potential.

Advantage Of Independent Comics

No one will say that the books produced now by the big comic book companies like Marvel or DC are not great because they are. What an independent comic does different is that it gives writers and artists like Kal-El Bogdanove, Chris Faiella and the legendary Jon Bogdanove a platform where they can go back to what they love. As an independent project they can say what goes into the pages of the project without having to worry about an approval from above. Using the earlier work from Bogdanove it is safe to say that the type of work he does is exactly what fans want.

Is Strongman Available Yet?

Strongman is a project that is in progress now and if the fans want to see it and get their hands on it, then their support is necessary through the KickStarter website. At the moment the amount to bring the project to life is $200,000 and the target date is August 26th. While the target price may seem high the reality is that the price for the soft cover pledge (you get rewards depending on the pledge you make) is pretty much on par of the actual graphic novel prices. The one thing that is left to see is if the fans will make the project a reality, and let’s hope they do.

Jon Bogdanove at La Mole Comic ConCredit: W Fonseca