Jon Renau has been in the alternative hair business since 1969, and is now recognized worldwide. They manufacture over 125 styles in more than 100 hair colors … in shades that will match nearly everyone's natural hair. They have taken great care to have one of the largest color selections available, including blends, frosts, highlights and tips, which make it possible for their customers to find the closest possible match to their natural color.

The internationally recognized wigmaker, Jon Renau, has recently partnered with fashionable Kathy Ireland, to create a collection of designer wigs and hair pieces that have been added to the extensive collection of designs which were already available from this manufacturer.

Jon Renau also has an easihair division that has an assortment of about 35 clip-on ponytails, hair wraps and headbands which allows customers to quickly and easily change the appearance of their hair.

You can look at some of the available styles on their website at However, the company does not sell directly to the public. To buy one of their wigs or hairpieces, you will want to find a retailer who can handle your order.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to go to  Who would believe that this lovely hair can actually be purchased using this direct link to Jon Renau wigs on



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Where to Buy a Jon Renau or Kathy Ireland Wig

There are many shops and hair salons that sell Jon Renau wigs as well as their new line of Kathy Ireland wigs. If you have never bought a one before, going to a retail outlet may be a good way for you to see a selection of wigs and try on a few to see if they have the look that you want. However, most stores will have a limited selection of styles from any one designer. Once you know what you are looking for, you may want to use an online retailer like Amazon to make the actual purchase. You can also peruse their website to see the available styles that may not have been shown in the store. Even if you go to a local retailer to make your purchase, you may want to check out some websites first to get a better idea of all the choices that are available. Here are a few of the websites that advertise Jon Renau and Kathy Ireland wigs:,,,,, the There are many others, as well. Take your time to shop around. You may find that the style you want is on sale or discounted at one online store, when it is selling at full retail price on another site.

Prices of Jon Renau Wigs

One site that advertises discount Jon Renau wigs is For example, they advertise a human hair wig called the Isabella which they say has a list price of $800. Their price is $648. In addition, their site also shows a shoulder-length monofilament wig called the Bailey which they say has a list price of $240. They have it listed for sale at $186. There are many other styles to choose from, as well, in a variety of colors. You may want to spend a little time on these websites to see if you can find the style you want at a discount price.

When I have shopped for these hairpieces myself, I have found some of the lowest prices available when I used this direct link to Jon Renau wigs on  However, be sure to check out other sites to see if you can find the style you want at an even better price.

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Affordable Styles from

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