I must say I agree with the creator's philosophy (Jonathan Antin): "The way we feel about ourselves on any given day is connected to how we feel about our hair." If there is someone out there who can't relate to that statement, they must not be human!

Well on to my review of this fabulous product! In short, it transforms my dry, color-treated, frizzy hair into silky luxurious strands. Before discovering it, I would spend every morning battling with a straightening iron after blow-drying my hair, only to have the end result look like straw.

Sleek, shiny hair - after using Jonathan Silky Dirt

I really don't know what possessed me to buy it, considering the fairly steep price tag & the fact that every other hair product I've purchased in the texturizing/glossing family has been a huge disappointment. Perhaps one convincing feature was the product name itself. Silky Dirt, with it's claims to give hair that "day-after being washed" look, was a huge draw for me because every day after washing & drying, my hair turns into a frizz-ball. Although I can rarely go more than 1 day without washing (because my tresses would be an unruly, unstylable mess!), this product gives the illusion of perfect hair that has gone one day without the harshness of shampoo and heat styling.

My hair styling routine in the morning has now been cut down to two steps. 1: Blow-dry and 2: Add Silky Dirt. End of story. Yay! My previous prescription for shiny healthy looking hair was this: use a heat-protective spray, blow dry, add more protective heat spray, straighten, then add shine serum and hairspray. I now have decided to no longer fight the natural wave of my hair. Before Silky Dirt, that wasn't even an option… I would have a frizzy mess with hair strands sticking out every which way. But now, one dime-sized blob of Silky Dirt rubbed on my hair in three sections (right front, left front & then the back) after blow-drying and my hair is transformed into gorgeous flowing waves. Normally, I don't even need hair spray after using Silky Dirt, but if I'm going to have an especially long hectic day, I'll use some Dove light-hold spray just to make sure my waves stay in place.
I wouldn't suggest using this product BEFORE heat styling hair. The other day when I tried to curl my hair after using it, the result was a limp curl that did not hold it's shape. I also tried to straighten my hair after applying Silky Dirt one day & that didn't work so well. It made the straightening iron steam & my hair became limp and volume-less. However, it works wonderfully if you use it AFTER using a curling iron or straightening iron. It gives curls a beautiful gloss, with enough control to hold the curl while keeping curls soft and bouncy. When I use my straightening iron, my hair looks straw-like. But after straightening & applying Silky Dirt, my hair is glossy and looks completely un-damaged.

In short, Silky Dirt will make dry frizzy hair look silky and healthy – with no nasty residue on top of your strands, like so many other texturizing or anti-frizz products create. It soaks right into your hair strands & disappears rather than sitting on the strands making them feel sticky to the touch.

A little goes a long way, so try a small amount at first & add more if you need to. I like to take a dime size dab and rub between my palms to emulsify, then rake through my hair from mid-length to ends. If my hair is extra frizzy, I take another tiny dab, emulsify, and apply to the crown of my head to smooth fly-aways.

A few other reviews I read complain about the 28.00 price tag - but one bottle of this will last for a very long time. I'd rather make one good investment than buy a bunch of cheap products that don't work!

It also has an amazing scent! Kind of a light almond scent that's ultra refreshing. This is one hair product purchase I will never regret & if it should ever happen to be discontinued, I will cry for weeks!