Fun for the whole family...

If you plan on making it to this year’s Jonesborough Days you better hurry.  The annual weekend is already under way and the parade was held this morning.  The kickoff  parade always consists of a few high school bands, the local fire engines, police cars as well as available EMS vehicles, our local government officials and representatives that promise everything one wants to hear as they smile and wave to the crowds, a few cowboys on horseback and of course the local and sometimes state beauty contestants.  Another big attention grabber around here is the parade of old farm tractors and equipment once used during a more simple time, some new and more modern and some old, sometimes a hundred years old or better but all cleaned up and polished to look like a new penny.  Of course there will be over 50 vendors this year with corn dogs, funnel cakes, pretzels, cotton candy as well as fresh made donuts, canned and fresh vegetables, almost any and everything to sell while trying to make a profit - and they usually do quite well with all the traffic that’s generated, and with the history of such a historic place as our quaint little town.  The numbers of visitors seem to somehow increase year after year.

Setting up the tents and cleaning up a bit more than usual has been going on all week in preparation and anticipation for a more glorious celebration this year than in years past with the usual patriotic genre of talent and events promising to draw everyone’s attention to the biggest holiday of the year in this small mountain community.  Special interest is on our service men and women serving overseas this year as well as those serving stateside and in more friendly environments.  A special Operation Gratitude Booth is planned where people can write a postcard to our family members and local military personal serving overseas.  American flags are on every light post as well as the floats, tractors and automobiles in the parade plus the children somehow find small hand-held replicas they proudly display as they tag along behind moms and dads.

Much music and merriment is enjoyed not only during the parade but also from flatbed trucks, wagons and even stage performances from local and Nashville talent that usually find an audience of well-wishers throughout the curious crowd.  Sometime you might even see some youngsters ‘cloggin’ and having themselves a good time as you cross the main street to visit the many shops and vendor’s booths scattered throughout town.  Noticeably missing this year will be the storytelling events.  In years past Jonesborough was also known as the Storytelling Capitol of the World with events scheduled throughout the small city helping to draw an international crowd to this otherwise picturesque and solemn town in upper East Tennessee.

The weekend concludes each year with a triumphant spectacle of fireworks that always brings a joyous celebration to an end with thunderous applause in appreciation that our country is still free even though the price for the citizenry to celebrate this freedom has not been a free one for many of our sons and daughters.