Hi guys!!

  Thanks for reading my July 2012 online income report! As many of you know I am brand-new to info barrel, as of this second I have been a member for one month and three weeks. when I first signed up for InfoBarrel I had planned on doing five articles a day. But... I suck at typing and this is unrealistic for me...for now. I almost bought the college level keyboarding class package from half-price books so I can work on this. Maybe some other day... LOL. I started out pretty strong, I seen I had a chance (early in the month) to maybe place in the top five in the monthly writing challenge here on InfoBarrel. But I got very discouraged when I read quite a few articles that looked like nothing more than product reviews that were spamming trash. To be real, I almost seriously left InfoBarrel. But I didn't give up and it looks like the admin has taken some beginning measures to improve the quality of articles on the site. The one thing I think I would have to complain about when it comes to InfoBarrel, is that they don't allow poker related articles. This is not my first venture towards making money online. Can you guess what the first one was? That's right online poker! Before Black Friday rolled around (when all the online poker activity stopped in the US), I made a substantial income grinding cards all day long, and I have a wealth of knowledge and information that I wanted to share. I think I started to get most of this down but I still have a lot to learn and quite a ways to go before I make a significant income on InfoBarrel. I hope I'm not the only one who wants instant results yesterday or else I might seem like an ass. Without further ado, here it is...


InfoBarrel: $0.20

In my time here info barrel I've thought of, researched, wrote, edited and finally posted 20 articles. Not too shabby I guess! I have tons more ideas and I am newly dedicated to writing on this site. I think I've formulated a pretty good system that fits in with my schedule so I have the time to write, edit, post and then follow through with SEO tactics for my articles. I have to say I was a little disappointed in my earnings this month but learning anything at all is good. I did not start focusing on the SEO, making friends, social media uses, and enthusiast sites until August. Since I have my views in August alone have doubled what they were in June and July, figure that...I also realized that earnings are down across the board right now for a few reasons, like it being summer. I look forward to better results.

Niche site: $35.46

right now I have one niche site I plan on doing many more in the near future as it's only 12 more dollars to add another one once you have already bought hosting. I am working on a strategic business plan, to continue learning more with my niche site. After which I will be applying this strategy to all the other niche sites I start... More to come… muaha ha...

YouTube: $0.00

I have not added youtube earnings because I just started making videos for my blog posts/niche sites in August. I have a strategic business plan in place that should allow me with my schedule to create, upload and edit 5-10 videos a day that will be monetized. I'm hoping for a pretty significant income stream from this.... More to come


Future Plans...

I have already mentioned my YouTube video plans but here are some goals I will be working towards in the month of August

  • Starting a new niche site.
  • Start writing on squiddo , with the emphasis of Amazon affiliate strategy.
  • Continue my SEO/backlinking strategy here and on my niche sites.
  • Outsource 20 articles a month.
  • Right 90 articles a month

I think this'll be enough to make my head spin, as I am a full-time father of an autistic five-year-old, and new to everything that has to do with making money online. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think about my plans, as well as how I've done so far. Thanks for reading and I look forward to writing another earning report for the month of August.