Graduation day is one of the most significant moments in many young people's lives and Jostens cap and gown packages are an excellent way to mark the transition into adult life. While rental or used second-hand attire is an option for people who need to save money, this is a time to be proud of and your attire should reflect that. It's also great to be able to keep your graduation cap and gown to display in your home as a personal reminder of your achievement. In this article we explain how to choose the right graduation packages, and we also cover how to buy it for the cheapest price possible. As an added bonus this article also covers some of the other products you can buy to commemorate your higher education.

How to Select the Right Graduation Hat and College Gown

Senior Graduation

A big part of the graduation experience is the bond parents share with their child. As such your best option for picking the right attire is to talk to your child and to be with them for sizing. Color choices are commonly blue and gold or the traditional black but some schools will opt for the school's color scheme. If the latter is the case it's a good idea to talk with the school to find out the exact shades that should be used. Thankfully, most outfitters will already know the colors of local schools so you can check with them first.

College Graduation

A more traditional and formal approach is typical for college ceremonies. Black with a detachable neck is the most common style but some of the more prestigious schools will feature a trim of a specific color, like the recognizable red trim of the Harvard gown. For your cap you should choose a velvet material in either the 4, 6 or 8-sided style. Piping along the edge of the fold of your gown can be in almost any metallic color you like, so you can display your personality here. Sleeves should be full bell style though they can be with or without the cuff. Pockets are option but they should be subtle if you do choose to have them.

Baby Graduation

What better way to kick-start your child's success than with a baby graduation photo-shoot? Most gown-makers can also make smaller caps and gowns for infants and toddlers. You have a lot of freedom here with choice of color and style so just pick a color you like. If you are unsure of the possibilities, then it's a good idea to talk to your gown-maker to see what they have available.

Additional Tips

Most colleges or schools will specify if a specific color is needed, if nothing is specified it's a good idea to talk to your Dean or another organizer to decide on what the most appropriate color will be for your attire. Most places use a standard black but it's a very good idea to double-check that this is the case. If you would like to have the insignia or some other representation stitched into your robes then you should try to get a high-resolution image from the school's website to give to your gown-maker.

Other Products to Commemorate the Completion of Your Studies

Besides just your standard graduation attire there are a few other good things you can do to capture the memories of your studies and to celebrate your success. Taking the yearbook avenue is a good option if you want to have something you can have your friends sign. These books can be printed nicely with any information you like and can be filled with signatures and messages from your classmates. They can also be used to present and safely store photographs of your graduation day and even your certificates or awards. Another option if you are a member of a sporting team or club is to have custom-made commemorative rings or medals made up for each member. Such tokens can be a great representation of the bond you and your team or club mates shared.

How to Get Better Deals on Jostens Products

Follow Jostens Facebook

The company frequently puts out discount offers and coupons on their official Facebook page, which can save you a good amount of money. In order to see these when they appear you can like their official page and their posts will appear in your Timeline.

Buy Early or Off-season

Generally the earlier you buy the cheaper you can get it. This is especially true if you need a custom fit or style. You can potentially save even more money by purchasing just after the previous year's ceremonies, as Jostens (and other companies) will discount any excess stock they have.

Buying Second Hand

If you want a high quality ceremony outfit but cannot afford to buy it new or have it custom-made then buying a second-hand set can be a good option. Although some people like to keep their outfit as memorabilia, there are plenty of people who do not. The good news about this sort of product is that it's a 'one use' thing, which means you can get something that looks brand new at a fraction of the price if you are willing to buy used. The best ways to find used graduation attire is to search on eBay or your local trading post.


If you are one of those people who do not feel compelled to keep physical memorabilia then renting is a good option. The good news here is that it is possible to rent gowns directly through Jostens. The company also guarantees that all attire is dry-cleaned to a high standard, emphasizing quality and ecological sustainability. It's also possible to rent graduation attire through local outfitters, with some even carrying Jostens products.

Other Places to Try

If you need another option or if you want to compare your prices then you can look into great alternatives such as Graduation Source, American Cap and Gown, Oak Hall, Graduation Gown, Caps and Gowns Direct and Trim and Tassels. Compare the products and prices for each of these companies so that you can find the best ones for you to enjoy your graduation day.