Blue Hole

In light of the Halloween season, I am doing a follow- up article on the Jersey Devil.

If you haven't heard the story of the Blue Hole, you may find this interesting. In writing about the Jersey Devil, it is pointless to leave out this topic. The Blue Hole is located in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. The Pine Barrens consist of 1.1 million acres of land which contain many unusual plant species and animal life that are unique to this desert of Pines.

This pool of clear water, which has a blue tint in the sunlight, has been said to be the hangout or bathtub of the legendary devil. There are stories of death to those who may swim in this hole. This perfectly round body of water is quite a sight to see. It is said to be bottomless by some but has proved to actually have bottomed at around 7 or 8 feet. The bottom of this Hole has a type of quicksand on the bottom which may account for some deaths, although the  Devil has been blamed for these deaths to date.

As for the temperature of the water, located in the Pine Barrens, it is said to be a steady 50 degrees year round even in the hot months. That, in itself, seems kind of chilling. In taking a temperature reading, it did reach 54 degrees which was rather cold.

Blue Hole Site

The journey to this site was really an interesting adventure.

If you go on foot, it is about a 20 minute walk and there are single round blue paint marks on the trees all the way to the site.

blue hole markers

When you arrive at the location, you will see two distinct Blue circles on a tree. Take note that if you travel back to the Pine Barrens by vehicle, you best have a truck or jeep. You may get stuck in the sand and the roads are very narrow to turn around as well.

Going on foot proved to be the most interesting way to travel to this location. There were interesting trees, plants and mushrooms. The plant life is somewhat peculiar.

There were unusual tracks, which seemed from rather large animals. Some were even claw like. Another unusual thing found was that some trees in particular areas were stripped of their bark. This is an animal marking. This is something a bear might do and some of the trees were stripped very high.

Our journey to the blue hole did not bring an encounter with the this creature, but it satisfied the need for some adventure. Maybe the questions about the Jersey Devil will never be answered but he remains a true legend of New Jersey.


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