Joy Mangano – My Little Steamer

Joy Mangano - My Little Steamer with Bonus

Joy Mangano – My Little Steamer

If you're looking for a handheld steam cleaner that is easy to use and affordable, look no further than Inventor Joy Mangano to provide the perfect household tool to get the job done with several convenient attachments and features. Use it to steam iron clothing as well as to clean around sinks and the bathroom without chemicals for a healthier home.

Features of the Joy Mangano – My Little Steamer

  • This is an ergonomically correct handheld steam cleaner that measures roughly 4" X 7" X 12" with a rubberized interior handle for easy holding
  • The unit is lightweight, easy to use and heats within two or three minutes
  • The steam head has five holes to provide ample amounts of steam to most garments
  • My Little Steamer comes in two parts that click together easily after adding regular tap water – no special filters or bottled/distilled water is needed
  • My Little Steamer recommends removing the two parts of the unit, filling with water to the desired level, snapping the two parts together until the click is heard that ensures a tight seal and then plug in to heat the unit
  • The unit has a flat bottom with rubberized feet to allow it to stand straight and avoid spills
  • My Little Steamer has a retractable cord that is approximately 8 1/2 feet long and a simple button that once clicked pulls the cord in automatically and stores it inside the unit for ease of storing
  • The Joy Mangano handheld steam cleaner plugs into any wall outlet with it's two prong cord
  • This steam cleaner offers a clear view window enabling the user to see the water level which aids in identifying when more water is needed for steam cleaning
  • My Little Steamer is available in 10-12 different colors to coordinate with any home interior as well as you may find a Mini My Little Steamer included as a bonus which could make an additonal gift to give someone!
  • My Little Steamer includes four additional attachments for extra cleaning/steaming:

Lint Brush – This attachment fits gently over the steaming wand area and is appropriate for removing lint from all fabrics when applied in a downward stroking action

Coarse Brush – This My Little Steamer attachment is used for heavy fabrics when items such as drapes or suits have been heavily wrinkled

Soft Brush – This is an attachment with a soft brush suitable for all gentle type fabrics that need special care such as silks or dry cleaned items

Wide Attachment - A wide attachment with 9 steam holes is included with the My Little Steamer for very heavy fabrics or hard to clean items such as carpets. Note that all fabrics need to be vertical for cleaning so this could be used if a carpet could be hung over a deck or a clothes line

All attachments and the complete My Little Steamer unit can be stored and contained in the soft fabric bag that is included for easy storing and eliminating the possibility of losing the attachments.

The Joy Mangano My Little Steamer is meant to be used in a vertical position as opposed to horizontally as an iron is used. This allows the user to steam clean items such as curtains and drapes while hanging in position or clothing while on hangers. Upholstery can be steam cleaned with this unit provided that a vertical position can always be maintained.

My Little Steamer makes a perfect travel companion especially for business or vacation travel when you don't want to spend much of your valuable time on ironing clothing.

My Little Steamer Warranty

The My Little Steamer comes with a full one year warranty against manufacturer's defects if anything is wrong with it from the factory so it is advised to save your purchase receipt if a return should be needed.

Cleaning the My Little Steamer

If by chance you have hard water and this unit develops hard water buildup, simply clean the unit by filling with vinegar and water, plug in to allow the water to heat up for approximately one to two minutes. Cool the water and then rinse the unit and allow to the handheld steamer to dry before storing and it should be as good as new.

Where to Buy the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer

Many online stores carry the My Little Steamer such as HSN online or amazon online and at a cost of only $30 with possible free shipping. Look for it online and get one today for all your steam cleaning needs at a most affordable price as well as the Mini My Little Steamer as a bonus that you could use as a holiday gift! With proper care and storage, the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer should last you a long time and make many of the tougher ironing jobs much easier to do.