This is a reflection after reading The Perk by Mark Gimenez.

There is one particular sentence in this book that inspires this article, "You are the judge, Beck, so you decide what is the law. But only God decides what is justice."

This sentence is true in many ways.

There is justice on Earth. However, there is no perfect justice. There is no absolute good and bad people.

The law and the law enforcement team work hard to serve and protect. They make laws and regulations hoping for justice.

It seems that the smartest lawyers are trained to look for loopholes in the law. Their job is not to uphold justice or seek justice.

They work for the persons who pay them. That is why the rich can get away with many things due to the fact that they have money.

They have money for settlements out of court. Is that justice? For the dead, maybe not. No amount of money can bring them back to life again. For the living, only the receivers can decide.

The law is made for the purpose of justice. That is the ideals. The fact is that the law has more to do with money than justice.

You need to have money to pay for the service of the best lawyer. You need money to pay for all the procedures in the court of law. You need money to pay for the typing, the filing and the work done in the law firm.

The government needs to pay the jurors, the judges, the lawyers and other law enforcement team members. You need to pay taxes so that the government has money to spend on legal system.

Even after all the money spent on maintaining the legal system, and investigation, there is no perfect justice. Billion of dollars cannot bring perfect justice.

Justice comes from the heart. A judge and the jurors needs the perfect wisdom and perfect knowledge to make the right decision. They need to have a good heart, and a yearning for justice.

In real life, the law and the justice are closely related, but not the same thing.

The judge, the jurors, the lawyers, the members of law enforcement team are not perfect persons. They may accept bribe. Their judgments are affected by tears and clever argument.

The tired and over-worked technicians may miss out on a vital clue.

The rich persons can hire the best lawyers who know how to cast reasonable doubt, and look for legal loopholes.

Justice does not always prevail in this imperfect environment.

Only God can decide what is justice.

The annoying thing is that justice is often not apparent in the immediate future. When a person sees the filthy rich lives happily and continue his crimes, he cannot see that the wheel of justice is moving.

It may take years for justice to be done. Sometimes it is too late for some people.

The Perk by Mark Gimenez is right in saying that the judges make law, but God decides on justice.