Working Out While on a Juice Fast

When most people start to juice fast they often wonder if it is all right to start exercising. The answer is very simple…yes. While you are just fasting it is important to listen to your body and what it wants. When you decide to exercise you should take into account your current weight and how long you have been on the juice fast. You should also take it a little easier if you are a juice fasting beginner and trying all of this for the first time.

When not to exercise:

You should not exercise within the first 5-6 days of the juice fast. Your body needs to adjust to the diet you started to do. When you juice fast, you have decided to take out all solid and processed foods and replace it with 100% fresh vegetables and fruits. Your body starts to work a little differently in the first few days. You will have some headaches and will need to use the bathroom a lot while your body adjusts to your new diet. You should take a break and not exercise while this is happening.

Starting to exercise:

Running(94923)After the fifth or sixth day when you are feeling better and your body has adjusted to the new fasting diet you can start to do some light exercises. You can do a light walk for 30 minutes or even a light jog for 1 or two miles.  You can also start to swim for 30 minutes. This is a good way to test your body to see if it can be pushed a little further in the upcoming days. One of the main things you need to do is listen to your body while you are doing these first exercises. If at any point you feel a strain on your body stop your exercising and let yourself recover before trying again.

Stepping up your workouts:

After testing your body on the juice fast with some light workouts, you can decide to step it up if you want with longer jogs or more intense swimming routines. You can also incorporate some light weight lifting. If you do decide to go with weights, you should use free weights and keep the weight you are lifting low. Just do more reps with the less weight, as this will help you burn extra fat and start to tone the areas you are working on.

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Also with weight training you should map out a plan for each day by splitting the workouts into three days worth of routines. Then start the routine over and rest on the seventh day. Once again if at any point your body is telling you that it can’t do a certain routine, listen to it and find something else to replace it.

If you do exercise while on a juice fast don’t forget to stay hydrated as well. This will help curb your hunger for food and keep you feeling full. You can also check out these 10 juice fasting recipes to help you detoxify your body or increase your endurance for running by juicing beets. Enjoy juice fasting and the healthy road it will take you down.

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