If you want to buy a juicer and get your money's worth there are some key points that you'll want to keep in mind.

While I made what I feel is a good choice with my current juicer there are some things that I wish I would have known about and kept in mind when I bought it.


Like any other sort of appliance juicers run on electric motors that transmit their power via gears. And, like any other appliance, some companies use cheaper gears and cheaper motors to run their juicers.

For example, some juicers may use bronze bearings or other metal bearings to run their gears. Some juicers try to get by using inferior quality gears.

Still other juicers run on 220-Volt electrical supply rather than the more common 110-Volt setup that is common in everyday kitchens.


Does the particular juicer that you are considering offer any sort of limited or unlimited warranty?

If it is a juicer of any sort of quality it undoubtedly should as you don't want to buy a juicer and then find out late that the motor can't handle the requirements of juicing what you want to juice. The engine may bog down too much or something similar and you may want a different model or brand name altogether.

If so, you'll want to make sure the company offers some sort of warranty.

3)Ease of use

You know what I'm talking about - especially with those handsome models you might see operated on TV or in the local Costco.

The spokesperson has had hours upon hours of practice running the machine and may make it look a lot easier to use than what it actually is.

Also, they may make the cleaning process look easier than it is. While too many people are quick to ignore this particular advice I found that when our juicer did arrive it was much more difficult to operate than the website made it out to be.


If there is one thing I truly don't like about juicing - it's cleaning up the juicer. And if it is a true juicer that pushes the juice and pulp through any sort of screening device (as opposed to a blender which mixes it all together like a VitaMix) then cleanup will NOT be easy.

I don't mean to burst your bubble by saying that. But it is simply the truth. No true screen-type juicer that I've used has ever been easy to clean.

Some are easier than other - but none are completely easy to clean.

5)Trial period

I mentioned trial period above in the warranty section. But it bares elaborating on a little more as a trial period (i.e., money back guarantee) is extremely important when buying a juicer.

It may look great in the store or like it's easy to use but once you get it home and start putting it to use you may feel differently about the particular model. Or, maybe a friend or relative got another model that you like a lot more. Are you able to return the one you've bought and get your money back.

Any reputable company will offer this sort of money back guarantee - especially if they offer a quality product because if they live up to their end of the bargain and their product delivers on what they promised it would - they will have few if any returns to deal with anyways.

For them it is just good business sense. For you it is peace of mind.


This is kind of a touchy issue because some people feel that price and value aren't truly related. And, while that may be true in some instances my experience with juicers is that you often get what you paid for.

The juicer I currently have is literally bulletproof. You can run a lot through it and it takes a lot to bog it down. It used surgical metal for many of it's parts and heavy duty gears to run the grinding function of the juicer.

But, it certainly wasn't the cheapest model around.

But I feel like I got a great value because we have not had one problem with it (other then it being difficult to clean).

7)Online juicer reviews

I mention this with a grain of salt as sometimes a lot of what you see on the internet can be somebody ranting a raving who just had a bad experience.

The key to using online juicer reviews to your advantage is to look for trends and to look for those trends on different sites or message forums.

If you see different sites and customers consistently lamenting the lack of power of a particular juicer then you can be fairly confident that the juicer does lack power.

Just use your common sense and a grain of salt.

There are probably other things you could take into consideration when buying a juicer but these are the high points - and, in my experience - the most important to make sure that you get a juicer that will meet your expectations and your budget.