Vegetable juicing for kids

Many kids run in the opposite direction when faced with a plateful of vegetables. Didn't you avoid vegetables as a kid too? At such a young age, kids are only concerned with whether it tastes good or not. The problem is all the fast food that they want is junk that is very unhealthy for them.

Vegetable juicing is a great way to fix this dilemma. It allows kids to get their veggies without actually having to eat their veggies. The advantage this has over cooking vegetables to appeal to your kids' taste is that cooking will harm some of the nutrients and vitamins in them. Also, some ways of preparing your produce yourself, such as frying, are unhealthy and are what we are trying to avoid in the first place.

But if kids hate their veggies, why should they like the taste of vegetable juice? Well, you are going to have to give in a little and make it sweet for them. Now don't mean to start pouring in tablespoons of white sugar though. Instead, use some naturally sweet vegetables such as carrots and beets. Also add some fruits that they love to snack on. Apples are a very common fruit to juice and they blend well with almost anything. If done correctly, they won't even notice the taste of the other veggies.

Another issue is color. Kids can be easily put off by unappetizing foods. If you were to juice a carrot, an apple, and just a little bit of spinach, you end up with a brown, murky juice. Good luck trying to get your kids to drink that! Instead, use produce of the same color. Try juicing a cantaloupe, carrot, and orange bell pepper together. You end up with an delightfully orange drink.

It is important that you do not only use mostly fruit when juicing. Though delicious, they contain a lot of natural sugar, which is still bad for the body in high amounts. You should try to focus more on vegetable juicing recipes instead. Try to transition from fruit to veggies over time so your kids will get accustomed to the taste.

That's it! Here is a juicing recipe your kids will be sure to love:

- 2 apples

- 2 carrots

- 1 orange pepper