The health benefits of fruits and vegetables had been known for ages. Down the ages parents have passed on the benefits of eating fruits and vegetable to their children who passed it on to their own children. The body was created to self heal however it needs nutrients to provide the nutrients needed to carry out the self-healing process.


The traditional way of getting these foods into the body has been by eating the raw fruits and eating some fruits raw and some cooked.

In modern times, juicing has become the popular choice for many people to get their daily dose of fruits and juices. Here are some tips to help us get the most benefit from juicing

1) Juice the whole fruit including the seeds for most fruits except for citrus fruits such as oranges where the skin should be peeled off. However you should juice the white peel. You can in fact include a few strips of the skin if you are sure that ethylene was never sprayed on it to finalize the ripening process. Most citrus fruits are picked before they ripen to prevent them falling off the trees before they can be harvested and sprayed with ethylene to finalize the ripening process.

2) Include the pulp. The fiber that we all need is mainly stored in the pulp. Throwing that away reduces the ability of the body to dispose of the fecal waste arising from the body's food processing system.

3) Chose the right juicer. There are different types of juicers. Price is not necessarily the indicator of a juicer's efficiency in effectively extracting juices from fruits and vegetables. Read the juicer's literature. Do not assume it can do anything not specifically stated. It is safer to assume it can only do that which is specifically stated in the literature. For example not all can break down seeds and many are unable to juice vegetables.

4) Choose a mix of fruits and vegetables to provide the mix of nutrients needed by your body. For example Juice collard greens for iron and calcium, spinach for example for iron and beta-carotene and add oranges and mangoes for vitamin C and various enzymes. Of course these are not the only nutrients in these fruits and vegetables they contain many more nutrients but these ones have been mentioned for the purpose of simplicity and clarity of message.


5) Mix should be for achieving both nutrient mix and taste blend. We are both visual and taste controlled creatures when it comes to food. For example add carrots and oranges and berries to a juice mix whose taste has been affected by adding tomatoes for example. Carrots will add beta carotene, oranges and berries will add vitamin c, flavinoods and potassium

6) Avoid chemicals by using organic produce. The artificial chemicals in pesticides and herbicides and fertilizer used in growing conventional produce are toxic to the human body effectively reducing the benefit of the nutrients they contain.

7) Buy fruits and vegetables in as fresh a condition as possible. Visit the local farmers market. Many of them have one or more organic farmers in attendance.

8) Drink your juice immediately after juicing. The juice begins to gradually lose the nutritional value a maximum of 15 minutes after juicing

Thank you for reading and do enjoy your juicing experience.