Fresh off my June earnings which vaulted me past the Google Adsense payout threshold, July proved to be a good month for earning money online. The amounts earned in various categories were significant. Those who want to make money using their talent should realize that diversity is essential. Just because one activity works, it may not in the future. This was the case for my July earnings; small amounts poured in from many separate sources. While many of the amounts were very small, they do indicate that the various avenues are working, although some better than others. An analysis of the details may illustrate which revenue sources are more lucrative and which are less. The goals for the near-term future will be to concentrate on the best revenue sources. This may mean improving existing online articles, promoting them and even augmenting some with additional articles which expand on the original themes.

An Identification of Online Revenue Sources
My online portfolio includes a couple of niche web sites, several content management sites such as Infobarrel, and several affiliate program registrations. Some of the content sites are used for revenue opportunities while others are used to backlink the primary articles. One of my niche sites, has received much more of my attention that the other dedicated sites. Similarly, Infobarrel hosts the majority of my online articles. Squidoo hosts the next highest number of my articles. Except for affiliate revenue, these three sources represent the bulk of my online earnings each month. As well, the niche site earned far more than did the articles on Infobarrel or Squidoo. Details are shown below.

The Value of Affiliate Programs
Various manufacturers reward their affiliate agents each time a sale is generated that can be tracked to a particular click. Usually, an article is written that explains the benefits of a product. Perhaps the article is a review of the product. Readers of the article become interested in the product which they often purchase after clicking a link from the article to the product sales page. The beauty of this arrangement is that the customer is encouraged to buy based on the favorable article that they have viewed. They buy the product based on the recommendation of the article. The sales action can be traced back to an individual affiliate. A sales commission is due to the affiliate. Often the commission amount can be significantly high. In July, my affiliate sales were reasonable. They have been higher in past months. Since there is still some activity with the affiliate programs, the revenue stream is still working. Future enhancement of these sources is in order.

July Earnings Identified
Niche Web Earnings: $21.15
Content Site Earnings: $4.72
Squidoo Earnings: $20.79
Affiliate Earnings: $29.10
Total: $77.92

Note that there are some anomalies in the above figures, specifically with Squidoo. The money earned from that web site was actually accrued in May, 2012. Squidoo holds the funds for at least six weeks after it is earned. Thus, the money received from Squidoo this month is for a much earlier period. Because the site does not publish current statistics, the actual funds earned in July will not be known until the middle of September. When the value is known, it will likely be less than the May amount. Squidoo has been a declining prospect for me for some time. Their revenue model works best for those authors who follow the Squidoo promotion steps each day. This involves constantly updating articles hosted on the site. In May, I did update several articles which responded with very good earnings. Since then, there has not been much done with them. This reflects in the article rankings. Lower ranking means lower earnings. The amount of time required to boost Squidoo earnings significantly is not worth it for me at this time. My time would be better spent working on my niche sites or generating additional streams of affiliate revenue.

Several of the content sites are used to boost the performance of my Infobarrel and niche articles. This is accomplished through the use of backlinks. An article is written and published to a site. Sometimes it is just a quick link, but usually is is an article of 400-600 words in length, or more. Within the article, a link is provided to a related article hosted at the niche site or on Infobarrel. In several cases, these articles are hosted on sites that can generate online revenue as well. Over the past few years, such backlink articles have earned some revenue, but no much. In July, no backlink articles generated any new funds, with the exception of Redgage. That site did earn a modest amount of money during the month. Unfortunately, there is a minimum payment amount of $5.00 which has not been reached yet. The total amount in my account now is $4.43. Perhaps in a month, enough will be earned with the site to trigger a payment. Redgage pays for site views. Since the amount per view is quite low, it has taken about 18 months to earn the amount currently in my account. It will be a good day when the funds are released.

Infobarrel Traffic Analysis
Infobarrel provides a useful option which downloads a spreadsheet of performance metrics for your account. Each of your articles is shown with the number of views it has received along with the number of comments as well. This data indicates that my top Infobarrel article has received more than twice as many views as my next most popular title. This article, covering a project management topic, has performed quite well. Since so many viewers have checked it, a new article will be written to expand on the original theme. This may allow better coverage of the project management topic. More coverage may result in more viewers and hopefully more revenue. The topic doesn't lend itself well to affiliate sales but it may help to boost overall earnings with my Infobarrel portfolio.

The Future
The July earnings were fairly reasonable. Coming from a number of sources, they were able to earn a combined total of $77.92 during the month. The niche and content hosting sites combined for a total of $28.15 Notice that this value is a little less than $1 per day. In the future, I plan to have revenue amounts of at least a dollar a day. This amount should be reached when several more articles are published.