Fourth of July is just around the corner…

So with the summer already on its way, people are already looking forward to one of the biggest, most celebrated federal holiday in the U.S,Independence Day.

Families, and friends get together to celebrate. They travel from miles away to see their most loved ones and enjoy this great day together as one and watch the skies fire up with lights of fireworks around the country.

Since the day is getting so close and everyone is starting to talk about the summer and the holidays, I took some time to find out what most people where talking about.

fourth of july pictures

How much money people spend on July Fourth?

I believe this is a great day for the economy, because people spent thousands of dollars on tickets to travel, gas, food, fireworks, and different gears for picnics and even clothes. It's amazing how much money gets moved around from one place to the other. Literally billions and billions of dollars in hot dogs, beer, soda, chips, steak, new grills, flags, buns, fireworks, and much more. With all this money being spent around the country business owners should have a big smile on their faces.

Where to go?

Most people will stay home other will drive to their friends house and some go downtown to see their towns fireworks. But where is the best place to really enjoy an unforgettable celebration?

Of course the Capitol of the World…New York. Macy's has a special event for the fourth of July, where they fire more than 30,000 shells of explosives that's like 1,000 per minute. It's one of the most amazing scenes to watch.

You can see these firework all the way from New Jersey or just find a good spot in Manhattan. Here's a few spots you might want to know about:

  • Pier 54 (limited access from 14th Street)
  • Pier 84 (limited access from 44th Street)
  • Selected side streets between 11th and 12th Avenues

Be aware that some of the streets will be closed, so you better make it there early and have everything you need because getting out of Manhattan after the celebration will take you hours (tourist remember this)

For other places in Manhattan where people go to see them but you have to pay:

  • Empire State Building $125 per person
  • Hudson Terrace $125 per person or $200 per person with all-you-can eat buffet.
  • NY Waterway Tours $75 a person (from the water) How is that for an evening you wont forget?

go fourth & rockJacksonville is getting ready!

Last year people visited Jacksonville's Fourth of July celebration: Go Fourth & Rock. Full of exciting activities, is a place you definitely want to go if you want to shake things up a bit this 2010.

It will have ice skating rings, free concerts, a Freedom Ride for area bikers and additional events from Friday, July 1 through Sunday, July 5.

How is that? You want more? Okay…

10 more places to go to on July 4th

What do People Mostly Eat on Independence Day?fourth of july food

Well the nice thing about America is that its a place packed with millions of people from different cultures, so you will find many different food to eat on this holiday. But the most typical foods that you'll find on people's plate are the following…

Potato salad, baked beans, hot dogs, ice cream, pickles, cole slaw, macaroni and other pasta salads, and hamburgers. I would have to say that at least 70% of Americans will be eating these food on July 4th.

If you've been good all year and you been trying to keep your weigh at a good level, please do me a favor and enjoy this holiday. Forget about whatever you've been doing and break all of the rules. July 4th only comes once a year.

Four activities that are popular on this holiday?

  • Have a picnic with your partnet- Be sure to pack everything you need. blanket, basket, bottle of wine, a Frisbee and I think that's it!

Oh don't forget the "FOOD". Hot dogs, chips and salsa, and maybe some dessert, some cheese cake will do for me.

  • Kids playing with sparklers- this is probably the oldest activity on July fourth, before any kind of fireworks I think we had sparklers. Don't forget kids love these. You can play the guessing game (what did I write) with them, remember to be careful. Little kids under certain age should be watched while playing with them.
  • Get together with the Familia- We can't forget about this one. The most popular of all. It is just great to be able to connect with all your family in one weekend, specially in such times where people work their butts off all year long. This is a time to celebrate at least 2-3 days of FREEDOM.
  • Fourth of July Parades- a lot of little towns have their independence day parade. One of the biggest one is the National parade in Washington, DC. Hundreds of thousands of people gather here to celebrate our countries biggest holiday. If you can't find one near your town, then you know where to go.

Fourth of July clothing-What to wear?

Well if you are looking to impress somebody on this day, then its not going to happen. Most people on this day just wear some sort of patriotic red, white, or blue or a combination of the three. For guys a pair of jeans or cargo shorts with a brand new t-shirt saying something about the 4th of July should do it.

Women this all depends of where are you be going to be spending the night at. Here are some options that you might want to check out:

What girls wear on the 4th

Games that you can play on July 4th

You can always bring the handy dandy football to get a game of coed, so the girls can get to show of their skills.

Setting up a volleyball court is a great idea and if you have a big crowd, no body is left behind. We've played with over 10 people on each side, and it make the games interesting.

Probably a favorite amongst these is Frisbee. There are different ways that you can play this game, but just the typical catch and throw is alright. You'll always find that one guy trying to throw it at you behind his back or between his legs. Have some fun with it.

Don't forget to bring some cards also. There really is endless games you can play with cards. And since so many people, you'll always learn to play at least one new game of cards.

Funny Things that have Happened that you Might want to be Aware of

Your grandma will say something racist, you'll hit on a hot chick who turns out to be your cousin,your dad will have really dad gas all day long.

fourth of july fireworksDon't get hurt on independence day, with so many people barbecuing you want to be careful with the grill and the fireworks.

If you want to have a wedding to remember this is your chance and (guys) you'll never forget your anniversary.

Okay so with July forth almost around the corner, it would be smart that you start getting everything together and ready to rock. Most people you will see doing their shopping and groceries one day before the 4th of July, trust me, you don't want to be that person.

This should help you get some ideas of everything that you need for this holiday. Happy July 4th 2010!