Larkspur - July Birth Flower Gift Ideas

July Birth Flower Gift Ideas

Find Unique Gift Giving Ideas for the July Birthday

The Birth Flower for July is an annual flower that also becomes a perennial from the Delphinium family, known as the Larkspur. To learn more about this beautiful flower with ideas for gift giving for any July event such as birthdays, showers, weddings or anniversaries, read on for interesting ideas.


Meaning of the July Birth Flower and Growing Tips – The Larkspur

     Lightheartedness, an open heart and levity are the words used to describe this spring and summer blooming beautiful flower that was first used centuries ago to create ink since the flowers offer vivid hues.

     Larkspur is often used by spring and summer brides because it is tall with loads of flower blooms, are lacy and lush but, feathery and dainty and are available in a wide variety of colors from pinks and orange to purples and most popular are the blues.

     Larkspur flowers are fairly easy to grow and prefer full sunlight and well drained soil. Larkspur can be split at the root and replanted in the fall. Larkspur left alone will drop seeds that germinate themselves in the following season for an additional year of colorful beauty. They can grow up to five or six feet tall making the larkspur a great choice as a back wall flower or along a fence. A spring or summer bride often chooses the blue larkspur for their ‘something blue’ for traditional weddings.

 July Birth Flower Gift Ideas

      Larkspur plant – give a live plant to the person born in July that can be replanted in the garden for year after year color and as a reminder of your love. Larkspur need minimal care for anyone that may not have a green thumb – this flower will basically grow on it’s own without much care beyond sun and water.

      Larkspur bouquet – send a fresh bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase that can be used over and over again. An enclosed card can explain the meaning of the July birth flower for the recipient that may not know they even have a birth flower.

      Larkspur stationary – find journals, stationary, note cards, pens and notepads with the popular larkspur flower for anyone that likes to write or work in an office at home or outside the home and that wants to get organized with a fresh and clean look.

      A Garden BookAn American Cutting Garden by Susan McIntire offers excellent ideas on how to design, plan and grow a cutting garden including delphiniums and would make an excellent gift for the gardener or someone without a green thumb that would love to learn more about growing larkspur flowers successfully.

      Larkspur Garden Basket – create your own gift for the July birthday or buy a pre made one. Find creative gift containers and add a garden book, garden gloves, and larkspur flower seed packets in a wide variety of colors, a gardener’s knee pad and a few garden tools such as trowel and spade or a mini watering can. The ideas are endless in what to add in a garden basket that would make a perfectly thoughtful gift.

      Larkspur Cuff Bracelet – shop online at many places and find a wide pewter cuff bracelet that shows etched larkspur all around for only $20 and made in the USA. Jewelry always makes a great gift and the July birth flower bracelet can be given to bridesmaids for a July wedding or as an anniversary gift too.

      Larkspur Pressed Flower Jewelry – a unique gift idea is handmade jewelry created from pressed larkspur flowers wrapped in sterling silver or gold. Pressed flower jewelry is time consuming to create by hand and offers one of a kind choice that won’t be seen on everyone. Most of these hand made pieces of jewelry are made in USA and can be made from beads, acrylics and even beach glass. Shop online for the best selections in pressed flower jewelry to comparison shop and search for free shipping offers as well. Great choices for July birth flower ideas includes larkspur necklaces, bracelets and even rings that can be worn every day as a reminder of you the gift giver.

      Larkspur Framed Art – the beautiful larkspur flower is a common favorite for talented artists to paint in acrylics, oil, watercolors or even in pencil drawing. Or, for the painter, give a gift of art supplies and a favorite photograph for your friend to paint. Giving a framed piece of art to a friend in July can provide years of enjoyment and is something that many people may not spend money on for themselves.

These are some unique and surprising gift ideas for the person born in July or anyone having a wedding, shower or anniversary that either knows about their own birth flower or would like to learn more. Have fun finding, buying and giving July birth flower gifts.

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