After taking off several months from writing on InfoBarrel and other sites I decided to get back to it. There is no single reason for why I took time off but I guess you can just say that life got in the way. I haven't been earning a ton of money from InfoBarrel or other sites but I am actually earning something, which I guess is better than nothing. On average I've been making about $10 a month from InfoBarrel's new ad revenue system (switched from Google Adsense as I don't trust them) and about $5 from Amazon affiliates). It's nice to know that I'll make at least something passively from articles I honestly can't even remember writing.

Here is my July Income Report breakdown.

InfoBarrel Revenue - $13.26 (6 new articles, first in a long time). Most of the money I make here comes from only 15-20 articles even though I have over 200 published. I am trying to duplicate the success from those articles, obviously. InfoBarrel is still one of my favorite places to write. 

InfoBarrel Amazon - $1.04 ( a weak month, had made $6.50 the month before). I've always been weak with Amazon earnings but I'll continue to focus on this. 

Bubblews - $40.55 (This is an estimate. Also not all of it was passive but a lot of it was! Bubblews is a consistent earner.) If you haven't tried Bubblews yet it's definitely worth a shot! Join here.

Niche Blogs Adsense - $4.55 (Niche Blogs and Seeykt) 

What I really need to do this month is create a new niche site on WordPress with get Google Adsense alternatives installed. I really don't trust Google Adsense. It seems like every month I hear another story of someone who got their account deleted for no good reason.

I also think I am having issues with my Adsense account. For example, I have a Niche blog that gets 200+ page views a month on But my adsense account doesn't seem to be registering it. I'm not seeing any clicks or page views for the account. I've been trying to look into this issue but I'm not having any success working it out. 

Seeking Alpha - $191.55. I just started writing on this popular investment website and it has proven to be a great opportunity for me since I am basically obsessed with stocks and investing. You submit an article and it is reviewed by the team there. They often send them back before publishing with changes they'd like you to make.

You make 1 cent per page view, which really adds up since they submit your articles to Yahoo! Finance and other financial websites for syndication. This earning amount includes a $150 bonus I received for an article that was selected as "Small-Cap Insight."  I've written  7 articles there, some take 1-2 hours to write, other a little bit longer.  

Future Goals and Focus: I'd like to keep writing on Bubblews as it's a proven money-maker with mostly passive earnings. My goal for August is 30 new posts and $50 total earnings. 

I'd also like to post at least 10 new InfoBarrel articles. I really need to work on keyword research and increasing my Amazon earnings. 

I haven't really decided how serious I want to get with Niche blogs but I definitely need to try out WordPress and look into some Google AdSense alternatives. 

Thanks for reading my July 2013 online income report!