Bandwagon Much?


One of my least favorite things about being a sports fan is all of the bandwagoners they are. Once a team gets good its like they get nine hundred million fans that a year ago didn't give a shit about them.

Did anyone notice how many people were trying to rock their Patriots gear when the were going for their undefeated season? Okay there is no one if the Patriots were 8-8 you would have been I gotta just on the Patriot wagon, no you wanted to be the douche bag to rout for a team and claim them as your team your whole life when you just became a fan, go dig a whole and jump in all Patriots fans because there is no way your a true fan unless your from New England.

Boston Celtics fans, I understand that the Celtics have the Big 3 and maybe you were a KG fan or a Ray Allen fan but tell me the truth while your rocking your green Celtics shirt were you a fan when they spent 6 straight years in the lottery and in 2006-2007 when they were losing on purpose, yea your right I'm sure you were sitting on the edge of your chair watching Doc Rivers coach the worst team in basketball. Go join the Patriots fan in that ditch.

Tampa Bay Rays fans, really? So let me guess you were waiting out their season of 100 lose seasons just knowing they were going to turn it around, so I'm guessing now that they are good your gonna go rout for the Pirates. No don't be an idiot you only started routing for the Rays is because of their historic turn around last season, you didn't even know who Matt Garza was and now I'm sure your wearing the jersey and the hat saying Ive been a fan for years, yea no you weren't.

Okay people I'm gonna tell you what if your a fan of the 3 teams I listed you aren't a true sports fan you are what they call a bandwagoner. You think you like sports but you only like a team when they are good, what are you going to do once their bad again, throw away your gear of the team and look at ESPN and see what team is good and start a brand new wardrobe with the new first place teams gear. I speak facts