As an Infobarrel writer, I look forward to enjoying the contributions that are made by many of the authors. That is why I chose to make it an article writing home and try to improve what I produce, but somtimes I don't get to write as much as I like; July 2012 has been one of those months.

Starting from nothing; being an Infobarrel contributor for profit is a long haul. Any newbies reading this should remember that. If you write a monthly update on your work then you will probably find it among your top 3 for the number of views; at least until you get your feet under the computer desk.

This is my Monthly Update for July 2012.

Where I Write

I continue to have a lack of dedication to providing real backlinking. Time is a premium for me and between here, the baby (update on her later) and work, getting the articles out there is not always easy.

On the article side though, I managed just 3 articles on Infobarrel ranging from a review to a look-back. My most important article is a review about the A1CS Fusion5 Xtra Tablet PC; not only did I get the tablet for free from the supplier, it is also earning me some comission. My favourite of the three articles was about my top 3 childhood books, because it made me pick them up, even though I did not have time to read them all again.

I have actually taken the time to get a few lenses uploaded to Squidoo this month as well as maintain my regular ones on Portsmouth and Computer Building. One I enjoyed writing was about the top applications for Android tablets.

So, the all important viewing figures which this month are fully from Google Analytics:

Page views 1892 - Up 10%
Visits: 1542 - Up 5%
Unique Visitors: 1274

Figures as on 01 August (GMT)

Top Article

A Tablet Review

The figures are now slowing down for an article about the A1CS FUSION5 Tablet PC but the new article about it's successor the A1CS FUSION5 Xtra Tablet PC.

My income for July

My AdSense for the month have been down but this might be . I have only received 13 clicks across the month for £3.61.

Amazon has been brilliant. I had a number of sales orders building on last months tablet reviews. My June balance to the bank was just short of £20, but in July 2012 my commission is £51 with two orders still waiting to dispatch (they have been waiting a while and from third-party, so I am not holding hope). I never did work out who had ordered some boots from my affiliates; but I never argued as it was all £££.

Chitika is a.... small profit so far. I managed a few clicks but revenue was down to a measly $0.19.

Squidoo.... Nothing so far.

For August

I am not going to set targets for August. We have managed to sell our proerty and relocate closer to London. I am not going to have much of an Internet connection, so uploading will be difficult. 

Outside of IB

Things are busy outside of IB; as a signalman for Network Rail, I am now working up to 13 days in 14 (the maximum legal limit) waiting for trainees to finish their Signalling School education; a light is at the end of the tunnel though and normal service should resume soon!

My little girl is up and down as usual. She weighed in at 7 months with 9lb 13oz which is only a months weight gain of 4oz! She had an MRI brain scan last month and the results came back promising! She is learning to steady herself in the seated position but is getting really frustrated at the fact she can not pull herself up yet.

My work with the Hospital Broadcasting Association is ongoing but I am starting to become somewhat lacking. I have been asked to do some extra work, which is free of charge, but makes something good out of what I do. 

That's pretty much it for this month. Hopefully I will be able to develop and offer something more constructive in 30 days.