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Junior Turner is an interesting pop styled musician from the UK. Before I dive into my review of his latest soon-to-be hit single "Hurricane" (to be released September 27th, 2013 in digital format), I'd like to highlight a basic biography of this musician and why I find his music to be important in the crowded pop genre. In 2010, JT entered and won a competition to release a national single for BBC Children in Need. His cover of the famous "The Impossible Dream" led to much recognition and a taste of stardom. His movement towards originally penned music came shortly thereafter as he handed out copies of his demo "Say Goodbye," which was soon picked up by war veteran charity Help for Hero’s co-founder Bryn Parry asking if they could use this song for their charity. This single was then released in April of 2011. Between 2011 and this current point in time, Junior Turner has released an assortment of well received singles including "Loveblind (featuring Jess Wood)," "Better Day," and "Natural & Nice." In addition to singles, he has also released a full length album entitled "Under Scrutiny," which was met with much commercial success. So, with this rather complex journey through song and the artists history, it is now time to consider where his latest single "Hurricane" holds its ground in light of all this commercial success.  

Production and Composition

"Hurricane" by Junior Turner is a high quality musical production. There is no denying that real time and professional effort was put into creating a high quality and radio friendly track. Each instrument is mixed well into the song, and the overall sound turns out to be very crisp and clean. As an amateur musician myself, at times I feel like the production is a little bit too well done, as there is little in the way of flaws, but with the idea in mind that this is geared towards a wide audience and radio friendly; there is no denying that the production accomplishes exactly what it is looking to: sound good and become a track for easy listening by a wide audience. The composition of the song itself is very well done assuming you enjoy pop song structures. I could immediately recognize the structuring from a wide variety of folk/country songs, and even some contemporary influences like the popular 90's band Avalon. In essence, the structure of the composition is no doubt something we've heard before, but it is done well here and, as such, is easy to enjoy.


I was immediately intrigued by the instrumental qualities of this recording. “Hurricane” opens up with strummed acoustic guitars paired with a violin melody. As the song progresses it maintains a very nice and subdued country atmosphere as we hear occasional melodies from a piano and the aforementioned violin, as well as a few synth effects simulating stormy weather (a major motif in this track). Needless to say, this track is neither technical nor complex, but each instrument plays its part and lends itself to the greater atmosphere of the track. With the idea that most pop music serves this function, there is little I can find “wrong” with the instrumental characteristics of this song. Of course, I always attempt to push musicians forward and beyond the genre stereotypes in my reviews, and I will make no exception here. I’d have loved to hear some solo or instrumental interlude sections in this track, especially as the song comes to its closure. It just felt to me that it could have escalated into a crescendo of sorts with a musical send off. For what it is though, “Hurricane” incorporates it’s instruments into the mix very well.


As with any pop song, the emphasis of the song is really placed on the voices heard and the words sung. On the whole, Junior Turner’s vocal stylings are very easy to get into and enjoy. At points they are rather rough around the edges, but I applaud him for showcasing a real voice amongst the many overly Auto-Tuned and robotic voices we hear in pop music today. However, with JT’s voice in mind, I’d like to place some emphasis on the beauty and pop friendly of the female vocalist in this track. Her voice really captivated me as it provides a harmonic balance and effeminate quality to the track, which is really needed to convey its atmosphere; which is rather melancholic for a pop song. The choral sections are no doubt the best and very easy to sing along with, as both vocalists sing at their best and belt lyrics like “Don’t listen to the lies that try to make you feel so small, cause you’re the hurricane and you’re riding through this storm.” On that note, the lyrics are very much functional and accessible. They are not the most complex attempt at poetry, but again, considering the musical paradigm Junior Turner operates in; they serve “Hurricane” very well and will no doubt appeal to many people.

Overall Impression

I’d be lying if I said I did not enjoy Junior Turner’s latest single “Hurricane.” It would no doubt sit well playing on any number of my local pop or country radio stations. While I do not consistently listen to pop music myself, I can appreciate the good production and the mass appeal this song can and no doubt will have given JT’s musical track record. My complaints are few and primarily personal, like the desire to see some more complex instrumentation, even a solo or an instrumental interlude, to add some more depth to the track. Still, as previously mentioned, the vocals and lyrics are really what will seal the deal for many people who are lending their ears to this musician. And fortunately, his voice is excellent, as is the voice of his back up vocalist in this track. So all in all, “Hurricane” is a good quality track that will definitely receive a lot of good feedback in the future, and I’m sure a lot of listens.

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