At first glance when I saw the Instant Fisherman, I automatically discounted it and threw it off as a toy or some novelty item. Once one of my fishing buddies had it on his boat, we broke it out to try to beat it up and see if it would really stand up to what the manufacturers said it would, and we were really surprised at the results that we got. One of the best features that we loved about it was the fact that you can dial in how much pressure you want on the rod, in essence carrying a range of different action rods with you. This was great for the types of fishing we got ourselves into that day, ranging from bigger Jack Crevalle, Trout and Redfish, to panfish and crappie later in the afternoon. The rod stood up amazingly well to both freshwater and saltwater, and we did give it a good cleaning once we got back to the house to ensure it stayed smooth.

When I first discounted the rod as being junk, was because of the pitchy sales advertisements that I had seen on the television late at night. I am bad about automatically assuming anything sold on those infomercials is complete junk, and often don't give it a second look. The fact that my respected buddy had bought one made me give it a second look, and I really am glad that I did. The features on this rod and reel didn't stop with just being able to adjust the action. The rod folds back into itself to give you the best storing options, as you really can keep this thing in your glove box. I used to carry a travel fishing kit that I kept behind the seat of my truck, but now I have replaced it with the Instant Fisherman, and don't have any plans to go back any time soon.

This rod and reel are built with higher quality materials, which is another reason I brushed it off. I had automatically assumed that for the price it was going to be junk, and again, I was shocked. They really put some time into ensuring that the rod was durable, and you can tell from the looks of it. Even with the durability that they have built into it, they still managed to keep it light weight which is great for boxers like myself with bad wrists and hands.