Is there something you are looking for? Why not log onto the Internet? It seems like everything is right at world’s fingertips, whether it’s potential jobs, selling products (old and new alike), long-term relationships, you name it. There is little need to use search engines if you have an account with Facebook or Twitter. Both networks are filled with sidebars of advertisements. There is also always a possibility that you have a friend/follower who is promoting their services, whether it’s physical labor, offering small favors, or using pictures to show off their work. This tactic is known as Internet marketing.

Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, is a technique typically used to sell or promote products and services. There are a number of reasons for why you receive certain advertisements. Typically what happens is the network is going based off your listed interests, “tagged” posts, career (past or present), etc. For example, if you list “The Simpsons” as a favorite television show, an advertisement that may appear on your sidebar may promote a season of the show that is now available on DVD. Or if your relationship status is labeled “single,” you may get advertisements for or of the like. This also applies to Twitter’s sidebar advertisements.

Businesses aren’t the only advertisers, however. Even registered users use these social networking Web sites to their advantage. A “Facebooker” who works from home, such as freelance artists, may upload and share photos of some of their drawings, paintings, whatever their skill. Their friends and others who stumble upon their page may see these and ask the artist for their service. This exposure provides almost limitless opportunities for their talent because it gets their name out into the public.

Another method that is common among users is they post a “status” a service or product, whether it is for them, a friend, or family member. An example of such would be, “If you or anyone you know needs work done to your roof, let me know! I’ll be happy to help out.” Like the freelance artist, if this roofer provides good service and excellent results, they are more likely to get hired by others in need of roof repairs.

Whether it is self-promotion, one for a dear one, or a link to another Web site based off the information you provided on your profile, Internet advertisements are becoming increasingly commonplace.