Just Cause has never been the most serious of open world action games, but the 400 square miles of Medici in Just Cause 3 brings even more silliness in the secrets and Easter eggs that made previous entries entertaining.  From Dark Souls to Stargate, there are pop culture references hidden in them there hills as well as throwbacks to other locations in the Just Cause series, but the question remains - where can they be found?

just cause 3 rubber duckie

Duck Boat

Not to be confused with those aquatic atrocities one would ride at the Wisconsin Dells, the duck boat is a giant yellow duck ready to be rode hard and put away wet (and squeaking). Rubber duckie boat can be found at N 40 46.473 E 5 43.414 and may inspire some ponderous thought about how Medici could be small enough to fit in a bath tub with the right perspective.

nerdcubed just cause 3

NerdCubed Reference

To some (dare I say many?), they may be like "Nerd who?" However, any one of his loyal legions will know that NerdCubed is a popular YouTuber that earned fame for his funny Just Cause videos. While the many in the Just Cause community are fans, apparently some developers are too, as demonstrated through this reference clearly emblazed on a building located at N 40 43.807 E 5 39.391.

stargate teleporter in jsut cause 3

Stargate Teleporter

Although not as flashy as the teleporter in the show, the teleporter in Just Cause 3 is a clear Stargate reference. The teleporter is located at N 40 42.268 E 5 35.213, but finding it is the easiest part. There are four buttons in front of the missile-silo-turned-teleporter that players need to press in a very particular order to activate it. The activation order is 143421. Afterwards, further numbers can be entered to alter where the teleporation will take you.

So far, industrious reddit users have only found two locations:

Trio -  103013
Costa Sud - 032310

mile high club in just cause 3

Mile High Club Crash

The Mile High Club was a potent brothel/bar/nightclub combo housed in an airship from Just Cause 2. Of course, Rico was tasked with destroying the floating funbag, but apparently the wreckage made its way from the South Pacific all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. It has seen better days, but it travelled thousands of miles after a bomb blast, so what do you expect?

It is located at N 40 49.028 E 5 36.739, and just a bit into the water to the north is the ruins of the Mile High Club Ground Base.

bull in just cause 3

Ride the Bull

Near the aforementioned wreck of the Mile High Club at N 40 49.052 E 5 36.771, you can find a bull that defies all bovine norms by sporting a classy blue horns. If you manage to sneak up behind him, a button prompt should appear allowing you to ride this slab of beef.

thors hammer in just cause 3

Thor's Hammer

By Odin's beard, there is apparently a Nose God lurking around Medici, or, at worst, a Chris Hemsworth. Found in Grande Pasture Province in the Insula Striate region at N 40 48.566 E 5 40.859, you can find Mjolnir, legendary hammer of Thor. You are unable to interact with Mjolnir at this time, naturally, but PC users should expect some mods for it eventually.

just cause 3 soapbox car

Soapbox Challenge

Rico may have gotten kicked out of the Boy Scouts for improper wing suit usage, but you can allow him to live his dream of winning the soapbox derby back in Medici. Located in N 40 49.127 E 5 40.668, you can find a soapbox car. Get in and try to get the furthest via the downhill track and a series of ramps.

just cause 3 big head gun

Inflating Egos with the Big Head Gun

Located at N 40 42.592 E 5 35.105 in the village of Vico Platessa in the Trio province of Insula Dracon, the DK Pistol (AKA the Big Head Gun) can be found on the roof of the pink building in the center of town by the rock face. While not particularly useful as a tool of killing, fun can be had inflating the heads of anyone it shoots.

bolos bananas in just cause 3

Bolo's Bananas

Apparently after the events of Just Cause 2, Bolo Santosi took a trip to Medici to open up a ... frozen banana stand! However, this isn't just a nod to the previous game, but one to the TV show Arrested Development as well. In the show, the Bluth family operates a chain of frozen banana stands that look similar to the one found in the game.

The stand can be found at N 40 44.198 E 5 38.748 in Citate Di Ravello in the Regno province. The person in the shop cannot be killed, but the shop does burn and blow up.

DJ santosi in just cause 3

Speaking of Bolo Santosi, aside from owning a banana stand, Santosi can actually be found in the game as a DJ outside of Alba at N 40 40.384 E 5 43.559.

snowman in just cause 3

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Well? Do you? In Just Cause 3, you can't, what with all that Mediterranean climate and all, but that doesn't mean there are no snowmen to be found. The fancy snowman can be found in the middle of nowhere in Costa Sud at N40 45.633 E 5 45.883. Fancy snowman proves to Frosty and Olaf that a snowman can live the glamorous beach life as no weapons can kill this popsicle.

dark souls bonfire in just cause 3

Dark Souls Bonfire

In one Easter egg that comes completely out of left field, players can actually visit their very own Dark Souls bonfire. Located north of the Rebel cove hideout in the Cauda province at N40 41.218 E 5 35.006, you can find a campfire marked with - not a sword like the fires found in Dark Souls - but rather an much more fitting assault rifle.  When interacted with, the campfire emits an eerie chime like the fires in Dark Souls.

dressgate dress in just cause 3

Medici's #Dressgate Dress

Remember that one week where social media absolutely blew up stupidly over the color of a stripped dress arguing whether it was black and blue or white and gold? Well, what would come to be called #dressgate made its way into Just Cause 3. On top of a hotel at N40 44.186 E 5 38.681, you can find two women wearing the different colored versions of that obnoxious dress. Now go on, push them both off and solve this debate. The dress is red.

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