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How Do I Change my Surname?

Did you just get married?  Confused by everything that needs to be done?  Here is a step by step guide to helping you change your name!

Step 1: Make copies of your marriage certificate!

As you begin the journey of changing your surname after marriage you are going to need many copies of your marriage certificate.  You may need to mail orgainal copies to credit cards companies or give a copy to your Human Resource Department at work.

Step 2: Update Your Driver's License

Before you do anything else, update your Driver's License.  If you are changing you address along with name, be sure to bring a piece of mail along with the other required documents.

In most states, to change you name you can just head d copy into your officeown to your local DMV with all your ID Cards and your marriage certificate.  Be prepared to shell out around $10-$30 for new cards!

Step 3: Request Your New Social Security Card

Remember earlier about having copies of your marriage certificate?  Because you will need it now to send off to your local Social Security Office!  You can download the change of name form online and mail a with your marriage certificate.

There is no fee for your new social security card but it will take a couple of weeks to process your new card.  The sooner you apply the better!

Step 4: Head Down to the Bank

Now is a great time to head down to the bank to change you name.  Most banks will just need a copy of your marriage certificate as well as your new Driver's License.  This is important since after your marriage, most checks will be made out to your new name.

Step 5: Contact Your Credit Card Companies

Next you will need to contact your credit card.  For some credit card companies it is fairly painless but for others, prepared for a five step process.  For example, American Express requires a change of name form which is mailed to you, and requests an original copy of your marriage certificate mailed to them.

Step 6: Change Your Utilities 

If there are any utilities in your name it will be important to contact them about your recent name change.  Most companies will just need a copy of your Driver's License.

Step 7:  Social Networking Sites

Probably the first place you will change your name are sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Also keep in mind, that you will also what to change your email address to reflect your new name and link those to your social networking sites.

Changing your surname can be a very difficult and confusing process. But with a little help and patience you will have everything done in no time!