Is it that Important?

WOW.  What a world we all live in.  It is a terrible place or a beautiful place depending on whether you live in a bubble or listen to the evening news.  Since the beginning of time there have been givers and takers; leaders and followers.  However, there has not been such a habit of working to make other people feel badly about themselves.

Children are bullied even more today than a generation ago thanks to the benefits of technology.  Smartphones, internet, graphics, social media:  all have their role in enabling the bully to attack the unwitting, weaker subject.  It is sad that more is not done to combat this behavior.  Who should combat it?  The parents of the bullied child and the bullying child.  

The village that used to raise a child has reverted to technology.  Television is our babysitter, smartphone apps entertain our babies.  When did parents stop doing their job? 

In any case, the technology may be the highway delivering the goods, but the recipient does not have to accept the package.  Children should learn like they learned 40 years ago.  Sticks and stones may break their bones but words cannot hurt them.  Well, not if they don't let them.  A stong sense of self-worth goes a long way toward combating the evils of those children who have no self-esteem but a poison tongue.

Brushing off harsh comments is difficult at best, but if a child is to begin to feel empowered they must do their part.  Ugly comments and evil words can only hurt the child who lets it hurt them.  If they can wave their hand, brush off their shoulder, or shrug, they remove the power from not only the words, but also the child who delivers them.

With great personal power a child can find the ability to leave the mean words behind and become even more powerful than the child who is trying to inflict the damage.  The bully will lose one at a time, thus losing his or her own advantage.  

As a person grows in their own empowerment, they reduce the negative power that is fighting against them.  Children should be empowered.  They should be given their own voice.  Parents are responsible for this part of well-being of their own children.  They should also not bully their children because this is a concern that creates the child who will bully their peers; trying to take back some of their own personal power.

The best idea is to let it go, but to a child who is being bullied, that is just more words.  But, if the hateful words are powerful, why not try to make some positive ones more powerful instead?