As beach and destination weddings become more popular so does the casual beach ceremony dress, and nothing looks as cute as the just married flip flops.

With a beach wedding you can totally trade in the head to toe dresses and suits for the more casual fair such as lightweight sundresses and cotton maxi dresses complete with bare feet or simple little white sandals.

This is an affordable way to dress and since the beach ceremony has become very popular you can now choose from a huge line of wedding flip flops and sandals that will work for your casual style.

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The Just Married Flip Flops

These are really cute.  You can wear them for your ceremony or change into them afterwards and walk down the beach leaving the “just married” imprinted in the sand!  Many brides will have these ready to wear for the reception.  It makes it easier to dance and basically relax and enjoy the evening while still looking great. 

There are different styles of these on the market with different phrases that will imprint from the bottom of the sandal into the sand.  You can continue to wear these even after your ceremony and will work well for your honeymoon on the beach.

If you want to wear this style of sandal for your actual ceremony then you can get plain white ones or ones with a wedge sole or ones that are dressed up more.  This is an awesome way to show off that pedicure and maybe some bling for your toes.

Many have bling and beautiful flowers attached to the top of the sandal, but still enhance your bare feet and casual beach style.

The rhinestones really glisten with these bridal flip flops

Rhinestone Flip Flops

If you love the idea of a simple sandal for your wedding but want something a little dressier then you could go for the rhinestone encrusted sandal that is still open toed and will jazz up your gown or dress.

This style of sandal is perfect for any outdoor wedding or party and there are no worries about tripping on an uneven surface the same way there would be with traditional high heeled sandals or shoes.  It is your day and you should be happy and comfortable and there is nothing more laid back then a beach wedding!

Perfect For The Wedding Party

If you are lucky enough to have all your friends in the party and you are getting married on the beach then you could get matching pairs of these for all your wedding party including the guys

You can get the guys sandals in black and yours in white or get coloured ones, either way these are better than trying to wear heels in the sand.

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These are a subtle way to pretty up your feet for your beach wedding.

Barefoot Sandal

Another really cool alternative to any sandal is barefoot.  But you can even dress up going “bare” with barefoot sandals, which are basically a stretchy piece of bling that fits around your big toe and your ankle.  Pair this up with a great pedicure and some toe rings and your feet will look gorgeous in the white sands!

Shopping Online for Bridal Flip Flops

There are many styles to choose from and that is the beauty of shopping online.  You can find many different styles and sizes and the colours you want such as white, silver or black.  You just have to decide whether you want them for the actual ceremony or for tearing up the dance floor after the ceremony.

For that reason they are not restricted for beach or garden weddings.  Many brides are purchasing them so that they can enjoy their reception and take off their high heels.  These bridal or just married flip flops are cute and fun to wear and the best part is that they are affordable!

Who wouldn’t want to be comfortable on their wedding day!  Those high heels can look gorgeous with the right dress but when it comes to a ceremony right on the beach then they will not work out too well!

Many brides are wearing these in more causal garden weddings too.  It is your wedding day, you get to decide how and what you want to wear on your feet.  They are an affordable option compared to many wedding shoes.  So, if you are heading to the beach for your special day then why not consider bridal flip flops?

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