Many people take illegal and dangerous drugs to “get high”—these are called “psychoactive” or “psychotropic” drugs and, aside from their cost, which is considerable, they can get you arrested and thrown in jail or prison; they can also kill you. I don’t know whether you use or are contemplating using drugs, but there’s definitely a better alternative: a puppy!

Many recent studies have shown that dogs, in general, and, particularly, puppies, stimulate the release of the same brain chemicals that psychoactive drugs do. These are called “endorphins” and are produced when something makes us happy. And what could make you happier than an Animaroo Boston Terrier puppy or an Animaroo boxer puppy?

It’s well documented that having a pet is a great antidote for depression. Many people take drugs—either illegal one or legal antidepressants—to combat feelings of depression, but those drugs—both the legal and the illegal kinds—are often harmful. Many clinical psychologists prefer therapy to medication to treat depression, for that reason. So an Animaroo bulldog puppy or an Animaroo Brittany puppy is both a friend and a therapist. What’s more, when was the last time a bottle of pills played “fetch” with you?

 In general, it’s healthier for your mind to stimulate an emotion (by having an experience) than to artificially induce it (by drugs or other means). And having a friend is one of the most powerful and beneficial experiences one can have—whether that friend has four legs or two. One of the most powerful goals in human experience is to be happy. Having a puppy dog as your friend is an easy way to accomplish that goal. It’s no wonder that so many people own canine companions.

Even if you’re not suffering from depression, a new puppy is a great addition to your life and to your household. People with pets live longer, report greater happiness, and have a greater sense of well-being. A new Animaroo Bichon Frise or Animaroo bloodhound puppy can help offset the sense of aloneness that can result when you become an “empty nester” or when you lose a spouse. In fact, seniors report a large increase in life satisfaction when they acquire a pet. A dog for a senior can perform many functions: friend, companion and watchdog. All of these contribute to a sense of well-being for the dog’s owner.

And, of course, let’s not forget that for anyone, dogs are sources of fun and joy. They are eager-to-please goofballs and are overjoyed to join your household. So, if you’re feeling a little bit down lately and you are looking for a way to cheer yourself up, why not consider getting a puppy? Go down to the pet store and ask one of the puppies if you think this would be a good idea. My guess is that you’ll get an enthusiastic “yes.”