A Sweet MaltipooA Maltipoo is a small mixed-breed dog, sometimes called a designer dog, whose mother or father is a Maltese and whose other parent is a Poodle. Since the Maltese parent is always white and the Poodle parent may also be white or light colored, many Maltipoo offspring are white as well. If the Poodle parent is black or ginger, the Maltipoo pup may also inherit some of this color. Multi-colored Maltipoos are generally harder to find, however, and therefore often more costly.

The Maltipoo's fur will usually be wavy to slightly curly since the Maltese parent's fur is straight while the Poodle parent's fur is quite curly. Maltipoo fur is fairly slow-growing but it does tend to mat easily due to its waviness, thus it is a good idea to brush the Maltipoo frequently. A very good thing about a Maltipoo is that they do not shed, thus are a good choice for people with allergies.

How Large is a Maltipoo?

A Maltipoo that is ready for adoption by its human family will probably only weigh two to three pounds. As an adult, the Maltipoo generally weighs between seven and fourteen pounds. They are a very active and fun-loving dog and require daily exercise. Since they are small, however, most Maltipoos will be able to get enough exercise from running around inside their house doing what they love, which is playing with other dogs or their owner.

Are Maltipoos Easy to Train?

A very smart dog, the Maltipoo is easy to train. By making training seem like play to the dog, a Maltipoo will be willing and able to learn many tricks. Hang some bells by the door and train the pup to ring the bells when he or she needs to go outside to do some doggy business. This way, even if the owner isn't right there to see that the dog needs to go out, he'll be able to hear the bells ringing.

A Maltipoo can have a mind of its own, so the owner needs to be sure to take the upper hand right away in training the dog to have good manners around other people and their pets. These pooches are very friendly and inquisitive which sometimes leads them to be barkers, which can be difficult to stop. Some special training may be needed for barking pets, but they can be trained to not bark.

Who Should Own a Maltipoo?

Maltipoos are very adaptable and can easily fit into almost any family. A Maltipoo will be equally happy living in a household with small children or with a single senior. They love being close to their family members and are ready for most any activity that the family participates in, whether it be jogging or watching TV. A sturdy, generally healthy dog that's small enough to live in even a small house or apartment, a Maltipoo is a great choice as a companion pet.