As i write this there are 22 days left until Christmas. There are some people who have purchased all the gifts, wrapped the presents, put up the tree, decorated in and out. to them i say congratulations.

Then there are the rest of us. Some of us will wait until the last minute and pop in and buy anything that happens to be left with no thought to what anyone may have said they want.

Then there are those who relish the Christmas time ans spend hours going through each store just o look for sale items and get those special sales offered for early shoppers.

For people like me it is a time to reflect back and ask the age old question; What did she say she wanted? Are you like me? I like to go shopping right after Thanksgiving with the family. That way I get to hear them say "gee that would be a nice Christmas present." I always carry a note pad and pen to jot it down. Then I have to plot for a time I can go shopping without them so I can buy it and it will still be a surprise.

Yes one year I did buy a steam cleaner because I heard my wife say she wanted one, I should have just bought it then. My wife may be like yours and say I don't need anything, I hate that. If I actually did not buy her something I would be in real trouble, even if I had recorded the instant she said it.

Buying for kids is so much easier. if you buy something in a big box they will have more fun playing with the box and won't really care what was in it. As they get older you have to get more creative. You ask there friends what they want and buy that so when their parents don't get them what they want you will become a hero because you bought one for your kid.

Girls are harder to buy for then boys. A boy will either want something to build, crash or shoot. A girl wants clothes shoes, dolls, and of course money.

What ever your strategy, Remember that wall mart is open 24 hrs and the closer you get to the day the longer the hours of the other stores. Just be aware of the impending weather and don't get caught short because you got snowed in. Have a merry Christmas