Well unless you have been living underneath a rock for most of 2009 and the early part of 2010 then you are well aware that Justin Bieber mania is streaking across the country. Young tween and teenage girls are going crazy over the media driven Canadian pop star and his young love romance songs. Some of the topics searched for online are very disturbing but for the most part fans are searching for information and about how to get Justin Bieber concert tickets.

Here today we are gonna discuss some of the ways that the millions of crazy tween and teenage fans can get access to those Justin Bieber concert tickets. If you're a parent sitting at home wondering how to get into a sold out venue then keep reading perhaps check out some of the other information on the page. There are many ways to get things especially music related other than just the normal every day means.

Naturally the first place that you're gonna want to check for Justin Bieber concert tickets is at the official sites such as Ticketmaster. It may seem like a given that they will be sold out but that isn't always the case in certain venues. There are also secondary sales locations such as Stubhub where they specialize selling things of this nature.

If your search for Justin Bieber concert tickets at those sites mentioned above fails then fall back to the auction route. I'm talking about searching on person-to-person sales sites because it's very likely that somebody bought tickets either to resale or are no longer able to attend the event. Therefore I recommend that fans or parents of fans looking to attend a show check out eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. These sites all have many different shows for sale on a regular basis and will likely turn up with some Justin Bieber concert tickets.

If all those means previously mentioned above fail then there are still some other options. It's not always the best idea but ticket scalpers do often have an inside source where they can get these tickets and make a profit for selling them at, above or sometimes even below face value. For an event such as a Justin Bieber concert the prices will be real high especially if the venue is sold out. Then again there is also always the risk of purchasing fake or duplicate tickets which can lead to a very frustrating night.

One last way that I have to discuss for those at home to possibly get Justin Bieber concert tickets is to try all possible radio and tv show contests. Many local radio stations will give away concert tickets to certain venues and Justin Bieber is no different and it's worth a shot.

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