Justin Bieber Silly Bandz is sure to be one of the top gifts for Christmas in 2010. He is a Canadian pop star that has melted the heart of many tweens world-wide. His wholesome good looks and shaggy hair just makes him too cuddly to resist. If your child is a fan of Justin Bieber this is gift would be a sure winner.

There are many Silly Bandz sets that are young girls like to collect and share with their friends, and Justin might just be the most popular. This fantastic and popular item is both cheap and small enough to work as a stocking stuffer.

Silly Bandz are stretchy silicone rubber bands that are molded into a specific shape. Depending on the size of the band they can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, or rings. When not worn these accessories spring back into the original shape. The shape can be any profile and Justin Bieber is just one of many.

Silly Bandz also make a great birthday present when your child is invited to a birthday party and you're just not sure what to get. Even if they already have the set that you give they can trade for pieces that they want from other collections.

Other Silly Bandz for Girls Include:

  • Disney Princes Silly Bandz (sets 1 and 2) – Anything related to a Disney Princes is a sure winner for most young girls. If your child is going through a princess phase this would be a popular gift.
  • Hello Kitty Silly Bandz – Hello Kitty is popular with the younger children. This is a great gift to start a collection if your child hasn't yet asked for Silly Bandz.
  • Hannah Montana Silly Bandz – As the child star who plays Hannah Montana gets older her fan base ages as well. If your child liked the Hannah Montana series when they were younger they still might like this as a momento.
  • Phineas and Ferb Silly Bandz
  • iCarly Silly Bandz
  • Glow in the Dark Silly Bandz – I'm a big fan of anything that glows in the dark. I'm a little old for toys but I still like a few kiddie things.

Silly Bandz for Boys:

  • Harry Potter Silly Bandz – You can never go wrong with Harry Potter. Good for boys and girls but I put them in the boy section to make things even.
  • Rock Bandz Silly Bandz – The budding musician or gamer in your life can have a guitar, drum, or microphone shaped Silly Bandz set.
  • Batman Silly Bandz
  • Star Wars Silly Bandz
  • Marvel Comics Silly Bandz
  • DC Comics Silly Bandz