Some Absolutely Great Music

Who cares about Justin Bieber?

About 1 billion people, that's who.

Well, maybe not that many, but a massive amount of people care about him. He is huge all through the US, and remains a favourite son at home in Canada.

He remains one of the most popular artists of the past 10 years, and not since Britney Spears can I remember a solo artist capturing the attention of the worlds media to this extent. Fans are absolutely losing their minds to see Justin and it just shows that the power of a great artist is as strong as ever.

It could be said that Justin Bieber has a great manager, good looks and a good voice, and so he is a "product" of sorts that is managed carefully and is more business than art - but that doesn't do justice to the skills of JB. It doesn't tell the story of his childhood, his passion for music that was within in since birth, and the genuine musical talent that has made him the star he has become.

Quite simply, Justin was  musically gifted youngster, who showed amazing natural aptitude for the drums and guitar from an early age. In the movie "Never say Never", which is essentially a documentary about his early life (which is has to be as he is still only young ;) ) we can see how many described him as a phenomenal talent, with a fantastic skill on the drums. His guitar playing was clearly sublime from an early age also.

His huge smash hit "Baby" was co-written by him and shows his impeccable musical sense. "Baby" was an instant smash, and is a pop hit in every way - it has feeling, an irresistible yet simple melody and was rewarded with the chart topping success it deserved.

Other fantastic songs include "Never Say Never", an inspirational ballad that shows off Justin's great vocal range.

If you are interested in finding out more about Justin Bieber, these two songs are a great place to start. Along with the documentary "Never Say Never" which showcases Justin's life and does a great job of introducing his songs in a concert setting.