Why is Justin Bieber so cool?

Justin Bieber, Mr. Never say never! Dating Selena Gomez. One massive album and another one on the way.

But why is he so popular? Not that I am surprised, because I'm a huge fan myself.

In this article I will go into why I think he is so popular. Please feel free to add your own opinions to the comments at the end of the article.

First things, the hair. It's a perfect little helmet, that was cool enough to be cool, but also different enough to get him noticed for the sake of the hair. The hair and therefore the hairstyle, I heard, was insured for a large amount of money. Only recently a man who had produced a whole line of Justin Bieber dolls was forced to quickly change the dolls at the last minute before their release to the shop because Justin Bieber had cut his hair all of a sudden. The doll's producer didn't want to send the doll out without the updated hairstyle. I heard it cost the guy quite a bit to fix the situation!

Another reason for Justin Bieber being so cool is that he has an incredible stylist. Whoever is doing that job is doing it so well- the guy is dressed so well for the type of music he makes and the types of fans he is trying to attract. It's similar to the way Michael Jackson used to dress, with the cool types of vests and jackets, the shoes for dancing, and the bright colors. 

The most important reason, I feel, for Justin Bieber being so cool is the fact he is an amazing musician, and can play drums and guitar so well. His early youtube videos of him singing and dancing are not only funny (because it's Justin Bieber back when he was a regular kid), but are also a good showcase for his abilities as a musician that can play a wide range of instruments. It is a testament to his talent that the manager of Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun, was able to assess JB's talent so easily through a series of non-professional youtube videos. We are all aware that youtube is where EVERYONE it seems is making music. For JB to cut through all of this and stand out as a talent through making videos in his own bathroom and living room, illustrates the immense talent of the guy.

The final reason he is so popular is the fact that he has an incredible team of songwriters, creatives and music industry professionals surrounding him. Usher, Jermain Dupri, Scooter himself are all experienced guys in the music biz

It's good to know Justin is in safe hands.

Enjoy the Christmas album, coming soon!