Justin Bieber is a global phenomenon. He now has 13 million followers on Twitter, 36 million fans on Facebook making him the most popular teen sensation today. This article will explain how he became so famous and what makes him such an idol.

Birth of Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1st, 1994 at 12:56 am. His Mother, Pattie Mallette raised him as a single parent in Stratford, Ontario in Canada. She was 16 when she had him, which she found difficult because she wanted to 'go out with her friends' while she was stuck indoors.

Justin was found to be a talented boy from a very young age, being able to play drums at two, guitar and piano. He could also sing REALLY well. So he entered a singing competition called 'Stratford Star'.

The Introduction of Scooter Braun

Justin sang a whole variety of songs at 'Stratford Star', including rapping and R&B. He ended up coming third. But the competition got him the attention he needed. He posted a video of one of the songs he sang on 'Stratford Star' on Youtube. Justin's views for his YouTube channel 'kidrauhl' then kept increasing as he added more videos. This caught the attention of his now manager - Scooter Braun. Scooter flew Justin over to Atlanta and started making plans to get Justin signed. At first Justin's Mother was doubtful. But finally decided to accept his offer.

'One Time'

Justin eventually got lucky and was signed by L.A. Reid. He moved to Atlanta and began with his first album. He came out with his first single - One Time. This single was part of his first album - My World. The Biebs then proceeded to create a Twitter account, using his first tweet to promote 'One Time'. Justin uses his Twitter to follow, RT and DM fans, showing how caring he can be. Justin then created a follow up of that album called - My World 2.0. This album includes incredible songs such as 'U Smile' (written for the fans), 'Never Let You Go', 'Eenie Meenie' (Feat. Sean Kingston) and 'Somebody To Love'. He has since released many albums including My Worlds Acoustic. His new upcoming album is called 'Under The Mistletoe' and is set to be released on November 1st.

Never Say Never

Justin created an amazing 3D concert movie, which also tells a more in-depth story of his phenomenal life - Never Say Never. Justin has provided inspirational acts for the youth of today to follow, including visiting hospitals for sick children to surprise, donating part of his profit to charity 'Pencils Of Promise' which helps build schools around the globe.