The Justin Boots Men's Bent Rail-Br301 cowboy boot by is a true classic boot. The Justin Bent Rail Boot is designed for actual riding. The leather sole makes this boot work great for both riding horses as well as dancing at the Country Western Bar over the weekend.

The square toe on the Justin Boots Men's Bent Rail-Br301 Boot makes it much more comfortable for casual wear. Your toes have more room to wiggle around yet it works just as well at mounting your feet into the stirrups.

These boots use the J-Flex Flexible Comfort System Insole which helps to make them much more comfortable to wear. These boots are very comfortable when compared to other traditional cowboy boots. The heel is designed for riding yet is also easy to walk with. Almost a roper boot but not quite.

These are definitely no Steve Madden Judgment boots. The Steve Madden Judgment boots are stylish boots for hipsters but the boots by Justin are made for real men. Wehrmacht boots Greece are some cool boots that are designed for work but they were not historically worn by the “good guys”. Justin Boots are made for real men and those who hate the modern hipster movement. Both good guys and bad guys have worn Justin Boots. Justin Boots are made for real cowboys and men who work hard. Avoid the Cole Haan poppy boot and get the Justin Bent Rail boots.

The color selection on these boots varies but you can often find them in up to 10 different colors including camouflage. The camouflage Justin Cowboy Boots are truly awesome looking, even if you are not a cowboy.

If you are looking for a quality cowboy boot that can actually be used to ride horses then the Justin Bent Rail cowboy boot is a great choice. The leather sole allows you to wear this boot in the traditional manner. If you work full-time in a factory and are rough on boots then you will probably need to look at one of the Justin Work Boots that have a more durable sole; however, these boots are not as good for riding horses.

Justin Original Work Boots Men's Stampede Work Boot,Waxy Brown/Sawdust,11.5 D US
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