Women's Justin Cowboy Boots

The legendary origins of Women's Justin Cowboy Boots go back as far as 1879 when H.J. Justin left Lafayette, Indiana to start a new life in Spanish Fort, Texas. He began his own boot company working out of his home and was later joined by his sons to form H.J. Justin and Sons in 1908.

When H.J. Justin died in 1918, his sons John, Earl and Avis took over the business and managed the company with great insight and entrepreneurship. Justin Industries formed and in 1990, they acquired their competitor Tony Lama Boots. The company's name gained rank due its popularity in the rodeo circuit. Today, Justin Boots is part of Berkshire Hathaway, managed by Warren Buffett, which makes the company stronger than ever due to excellent strong financial backing, a lasting tradition of quality, and a talented management team. It's easy to see why this company has a solid foundation and a product that meets the customers' needs. 

Justin Gypsy Butterfly Cowgirl Boots

Eddie Kelly on Justin Boots History

Long time employee gives a brief description on the history of the company.

Quality, Durability, and Selection!

Justin makes quality boots for women in a variety of styles.

Women's cowboy boots by Justin are constructed from natural materials, including different types of leathers, giving them a comfortable wear. However, that doesn't take away from their stylish exterior. Today, colors range from neutrals, to more vivid pinks and purples. Turquoise is also a popular color among the western apparel wearer crowd. Themes, including crosses, hearts, etc... are found among the collections. For example,the Justin Gypsy boot is a popular women's style with adorable stitched flowers and hearts upon a pink suede background.

Justin Gypsy Cowgirl Heart Cowboy Boots


You will find an outstanding variety of classic and new boot designs and a great range of colors. From unpretentious to elegant, from sportive to irresistibly ornate! There is a Women's Justin Cowboy Boots for every woman and for every occasion to express her personal style.

Women's Justin Cowboy Boots are available in all size, including narrow and wide widths. The toe style also varies from sharp points to a round toe, accommodating harder to fit feet.

The craftsmanship of those boots is outstanding reflecting in a traditional quality boot and durable for many years to come. They are family heirlooms in some families, being passed down as much as 5 generations to date.

How are Justin Boots Made?

The video shows part of the 100 step process of the boot construction.

Tips on Buying Justin Cowgirl Boots

It feels good to walk tall and straight in natural leather Women's Justin Cowboy Boots. However, the splurge of paying for a pair puts a dent in the wallet. Just remember, paying for quality and life does count for something. Proper boot care will help prolong the life, making the purchase more of an investment. Because of their popularity, many western apparel stores, boot coral stores, and online shoe retailers carry this brand, but cost and demand make buying discounted Justin Boots for women a challenge. Some online retailers and stores will provide Justin Boot sales and coupons codes. From my experience, it is best to buy discontinued Justin cowgirl boots, or the styles the stores are trying to clear out. Be sure to shop around for the best deals, but buy a pair that you'll love for life. These will last for years with proper care.

Justin Boot Care

Add life to your boots with proper care.