Kentucky Fried Chicken, in an attempt to join a more health conscious country, has now added grilled chicken to their menu. If you watch the mail and newspaper advertisements you will be able to find KFC coupons for discounts on these new entrees. You can also find KFC coupons online from various websites. Even the web site for KFC will offer discount KFC coupons or free KFC coupons. The coupons for KFC are now more geared toward free samples of their new grilled chicken.

KFC has never really drawn the health conscious person to their stores for their food. Traditionally the food at KFC has always been known as being very oily, too high in fat and calories. This is the type of place people who are conscientious of their weight go to when they want to splurge once in a while. They don't choose is as a regular place to eat out at. Now the big KFC discount coupons are allowing anyone who has one of the free KFC coupons in hand on a certain day a free piece of their new grilled entrees. It is hard for anyone to believe that KFC is a place you would want to go to for dinner if you are watching calories and fat intake. The KFC management realized that in order to reach the health conscious public they would have to offer health conscious food, thus the creation of grilled entrees being added to their traditional original and extra crispy lines of fried food.

The claim by KFC is that their new grilled chicken is significantly lower in calories, sodium, and fat than their traditional original and extra crispy styles. The free KFC coupons can be found in newspaper ads, on various coupon sites online as well as KFC's own website. Those that have been apart of similar taste tests for KFC's new grilled chicken have given it rave reviews. These people have said that the meat is tender, juicy and the most flavorful chicken from a fast food chain they have ever eaten. If you are watching your calories, working on losing that extra weight and looking for something different check out the new grilled, low fat chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken - and use printable KFC coupons for a great deal while you are at it.

So if you want to get your own free grilled chicken KFC coupon just go to the KFC website and search on KFC online coupon. At this point a link should appear which will take you to the next step and show you how to find the printable KFC coupons. What are you waiting for? Just locate and print KFC coupons for a free piece of chicken and take it down to the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken store in your neighborhood, present it to the cashier and be prepared to taste the most tender, juicy and full of flavor fast food you ever have or ever will taste. You will be surprised that this is one restaurant you will now be recommending to your friends and family.