KILZ ceiling paint is becoming the number one choice for many Americans when it comes to stain resistant interior paint. In this article we take a look at what makes KILZ so great as an interior paint, where you can buy KILZ paints from, and we will also go through some painting tips for using KILZ and other specialty paints.

What is Stain Resistant Oil Based Paint?

This is a specialized type of product designed to prevent water and smoke stains from appearing on trouble roofing. KILZ ceiling paint has a primer base, which blocks light and medium-sized water stains from seeping through and changing the color of the paint. KILZ paints also have an automatic color changing technology that makes it a lot easier to paint with. When you roll it on it is pink, very easy to see, but once it dries it changes back to its intended color. This means you can see every roll on and you can easily differentiate each different coat from the other.

Are There Any Negatives to Using this Type of Paint?

There are no direct negatives to using this type of product but there is a more indirect one if you are not careful. This is that because you cannot see the discoloration effects of water damage you may not notice that there is a leak in your roof. If you check your roof for leaks and keep it well-maintained this is more of a benefit because you are going to save on not having to repaint your roof each time there is a leak but if you leave it to the last moment to check for leaks then you could end up with more damage then if you had of seen the water stains.

Are KILZ Products Only For Ceilings? Can It Be Used as Wall Paint?

The truth is that they can indeed be used on walls if having a stain resistant wall is helpful for your family. If you have kids that are prone to spilling water or other drinks then this can even be a very good and money-saving idea. The only reason they are advertised for ceilings is that this is what they are primarily designed for because that is in line with most people's needs. However, there is no reason you cannot take advantage of KILZ products for your own applications.

Are KILZ Products Safe for Bathrooms?

The resounding answer is, yes! Because of their anti-watermark properties KILZ products are perfect for bathroom walls, ceilings and flooring trim. It is a good idea to first begin with a water-proof primer (the blue ones) before painting, however, to ensure your walls are safe from mildew. It will also help the KILZ to stick to the walls more effectively, too.

Flat Ceiling Paint vs. Detailed Ceiling Paint

Flat ceiling paints are quite simple as they can just be rolled on and are able to be thicker. They also take only a few applications to reach a good result. When painting detailed ceilings you will likely need a much thinner mixture and many more light applications with drying time in between each coat. You may even need to use a spray gun on particularly intricate moldings and patterns. Otherwise a small paint roller and brushes will work.

Are There KILZ Primers?

KILZ ceiling paints are primer-based themselves so while an additional primer can be helpful, it is not necessary. However, if you are often getting particularly severe water stains or if the wood you are painting on to is currently untreated and unpainted then you will absolutely need a primer coat first to ensure the top coat is protected.

VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds in Paints

VOC paint is a bit of a double-edged sword as VOC compounds are the cause of fumes and chemicals that are unpleasant and even unhealthy while they are also responsible for paint’s durability and washability. However, for outdoor applications the negatives of VOCs are not as much of an issue, while their benefits are even better outdoors. Inside, however, you may want to stick with paints low in volatile organic compounds for an increased piece of mind that your health is safe.

Where to Buy KILZ Products

The two main retailers of KILZ are Walmart and Home Depot. However, you can also find the products in specialist home improvement and painting stores. The first two options are typically cheaper on price while the second two options often have better service and can help you find the right brand and type more easily.

KILZ Reviews

It is always an extremely good idea to check out the reviews of other customers before you buy any product, but especially one that will be a multiple year investment. One particularly thorough review says how a customer had to cover a terracotta colored wall with white paint. They were very concerned that the color would show through but the primer worked so well that only two coats of normal paint was needed after the primer. Overall, customer reviews are extremely positive. However, you should go and search for them yourself.

Painting Metal Surfaces

KILZ products can also be used on metal surfaces such as fences and iron trim, however you must treat the metal first to prevent rusting. HAMMERITE rust cap is highly recommended for this task and it can even make for a good cover itself. However, if you desire more casual colors then you can cover the rust cap with KILZ products easily.

Final Tips for Your Home Improvement Project

- Painter's tape is the best way to protect your trim while you work. These tapes are typically bright blue to make it easier to distinguish. As opposed to masking tapes these special tapes also pull off cleanly without leaving any damage or sticky residue behind.
- Before painting any surface it is advisable to clean it of any dust and oil first. A sugar wash is perfect for this, lightly dampen a cloth with the sugar wash and rub each surface gently. Make sure you allow for at least one hour before applying KILZ ceiling paint or primers.