KONG Extreme Chew ToyThe KONG Extreme Is Made For Extreme Chewers

There are dogs that like to chew and then there are dogs that live to chew. Dogs that need to chew more often, and those with incredibly strong jaws, can satisfy the chewing instinct with the KONG Extreme chew toys. The thick black rubber used to make them is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting, providing almost endless hours of chew time.

The Reasons a Dog Might Chew

Dogs chew for a large number of reasons and not one is the desire to be destructive – though it might feel like it when a favorite object has been shredded by canine teeth. Some of these reasons are:

  • Boredom: Dogs are smart creatures and, similar to humans, can become bored when not occupied. This boredom manifests itself through attempts by the dog to entertain itself with behavior such as chewing.
  • Inherent to the breed: Certain breeds of dog are predisposed to chewing simply because that is what the breed does. Hunting dogs, for example, are happier when they have something in their mouth. This does not stem from the desire to ruin a new pair of leather shoes but, rather, from the need to work mouth action on something…anything.
  • Anxiety or neurosis: This is a very broad area that encompasses many different reasons for chewing. Some dogs, when naturally anxious, can become very nervous at changes in routine. Working dogs, such as border collies used to herding duty, are quite apt to display neurotic behavior when taken away from their job and placed into a home environment unless they are given a new job to perform. Dogs in these circumstances might take comfort in chewing the remote control.

Introducing a KONG Extreme to a large or strong-jawed dog is very likely to divert their attention from the household items they have been using as chew toys.

Why KONG Extreme Works

Many different chew toys, including other KONG products, work well as a quick diversion; the Extreme, however, works exceptionally well. This toy keeps dogs from boredom, gives them an allowable item to hold in their mouth, and provides entertainment. The unique "snowman" build of the toy allows it, when tossed, to bounce in unpredictable directions. Hunting and chasing a KONG is more than entertainment to a dog – it allows the dog to follow its nature to stalk and capture prey. Once the prey is in the dogs grasp the next natural step is to eat it. The Kong can be chewed on as it is or filled with tasty goodies (such as treats, peanut butter or cheese in a can) that the dog will need to work for in order to get the reward out of the toy. The long-lasting rubber compound also means this is a toy that will not be destroyed immediately with the result of the dog looking for something else to gnaw on.

What Customers Say

In general, customers are very happy with the longevity and sturdiness of these toys. They have been found to last longer than any other dog chew toy on the market, even by the strongest chewers of canine companions. There have been rare comments that a dog has shredded the KONG in a very short period of time, these are not often found. The largest complaint regarding this toy is that treats tend to fall out of the bottom hole too easily. This is easily remedied by either getting a smaller size KONG as they have a smaller hole, or squeezing in larger treats. There is a small difference in price between the original KONG and the KONG Extreme but when considering that the Extreme is proven more durable in the mouth of aggressive chewers, therefore requiring replacement less often, the price difference is a very small consideration.

Directing a dog's attention away from shoes, remote controls, and teddy bears may seem a difficult task, but the KONG Extreme will help in saving an owner's possessions while providing the dog with an allowable toy that will satisfy their natural urge: hunt, capture and chew.