A slow wave has been sweeping through the world, and it has to do with Korea, except concentrated mainly from the south part. Without further ado, here are some of the most popular kpop artists in no particular order!



SNSD is a short form for So Nyu Shi Dae, meaning girls generation in Korean, a 9 member female kpop group. It can be said to be the most popular girl group in Korea at the moment! Recently, they have also made inroads into japan. Their leader is the oldest member Taeyeon although most of the group are in a very similar age range. Their members are all quite well loved, although some more so than the rest.


Another popular group that has also debuted in Japan, with 5 members. They also have an online clothing shop; Karaya. Their leader is Gyuri.


This might be the first girl group in Korea to have their own online clothing shop. They have recently added a new member bringing their numbers up to 6, who happens to be a twin of another artiste in another kpop group. This group is led by Boram (the oldest in the group) currently, who took over the leadership mantle from Eunjung.


A solo singer who has debuted in Japan before, she is known for a her powerful voice and young age. In Japan, she sung houkiboshi for the popular Japanese show Bleach. She now seems intent on the Korea market.


Another solo singer who has a 'cute' and 'lively' concept. She was known early on for her covers of other people's songs.

It has sometimes been said that Korean girls become singers and Korean guys grow up to play starcraft. Well, Korean males do grow up into powerful K-pop groups!

Male Groups:


A really popular male kpop group which is known for its members like Nickhun (who hails from Thailand) or Taecyeon, as well as controversy regarding its former leader Jay park who is now a solo artist.

Super Junior

The male equivalent of SNSD, they also happen to be from the same company. They have 13 members at the moment. One of them came from China but due to disputes has left. Due to the size they also have subgroups.


They come from the same company as 2pm but focuses more on ballads. Their most famous member may well be Jo Kwon who is often on Korean variety shows.


Although the individual members have gone on to different companies, they have said that the band still continues to exist. Amongst its most popular and well known members is Kim Hyung Joon who is known for his acting role.


From the same company as Super Junior and SNSD, this band is also very popular in Korea as well as overseas. They have sung many popular songs that are played around the world.

And that is it for now, if you have any favorite bands feel free to leave them in the comments below!