KRE-O the New LEGO of 2013 and beyond

Hasbro launches KRE-O

Hasbro, the huge world leader in toy manufacturing, has launched a Lego style building block system called KRE-O that is compatible with the old reliable Lego blocks and construction kits. The new Kreo bricks are compatible with Lego bricks of old. The exciting range of products from Hasbro includes the Kreo Transformer range that is sure to be a massive hit with children this Christmas. 

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USS MISSOURI building blocks from Kreo

Create it with Kreo instead of Lego

KRE-O Create It blocks are versatile and can transform too 
Hasbro has provided a rival product to Lego with their KRE-O blocks. This is sure to be good news for parents and grandparents who regularly buy such toy for kids and the hope would be that these excellent construction toys would become more affordable.

The good thing is that Lego and Kre-o construction sets are compatible and can be used together. The Kreo truck below is so similar to Lego, its uncanny. The introduction of the KRE-O system will hopefully see a cost reduction in these types of toys in the future.

KREO transformer truck robot from Hasbro

KREO-style Transformers

KRE-O Transformers - Optimus With Twin Cycles

KREO Optimus transformer truck now in robot form from HasbroThe Optimus robot opposite looks like a Lego transformer but it is not because it is made from KRE-O blocks instead. The construction pieces are KRE-O bricks and not Lego blocks at all. Will the kids who play with the sets complain? Not at all, as this construction set can be transformed into anything that their fertile imaginations can conjour.


Not only that but existing bricks and Lego blocks can be added to create an even bigger collection of building materials than ever before for children. It is high time that these manufacturers of toys brought some level of conformity into the toy market and this mixing and matching of components by these two large toy makers is sure to be a winner. 

Hasbro Unveils KRE-O with these products

Hasbro has been tremendously successful with its Transformers franchise and this launch of the 'Create it with KRE-O' kits is ideally tailored to the make and break style toys. Hasbro’s newly launched transformers are more versatile than ever, because not only do they transform but they break down in hundreds of component Lego-like parts. The transformer character kits made from KRE-O create it blocks, can now make dozens of other items which is the improvement over Hasbro transformers of old.

KRE-O 2013 Battleship

The USS Missouri is the new Battleship from KREO. A great new construction toy released to coincide with the 2012 Battleship movie starring Liam Neeson. Following on from the success of the Transformers range Hasbro has produced several sets to compliment the USS Missouri construction set.

KRE-O USS Missouri Review

Hasbro KRE-O kit prices

The Hasbro building block system called KREO will feature the transformers below. Prices will vary between $8 and $60 for figures and kits. Collectible mini figures and several smaller kits will become available too as time progresses. Small kits consisting of less than 100 blocks will cost in the region of $9 whilst at the top end where kits such as Optimus Prime, containing 500 or more blocks are sold, they will cost approx $60.

  • Autobot Ratchet
  •  Sideswipe 
  • Bumblebee
  •  Megatron
  •  Sentinel Prime
  •  Starscream Mirage
  •  Jazz 
  • Optimus Prime

Hasbro and the KRE-O transformers launch

Famous toys like Rubik's Cube,  Thomas the Tank Engine and Buzz Lightyear are enduring but Hasbro can lay claim to some classic toys too. The success of Hasbro is unquestionable as they have produced the best games and toys in the world with the instantly recognizable Scrabble, Monopoly, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony and Mr. Potato Head to name but a few. My suspicion is that KRE-O will be added to this distinguished list of toymakers soon.

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