A KVM Drawer is a combination of a LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse in a compact, sliding unit. As a space saving solution, these units can fit into 1U or 2U of rack space. With enhancements in technology, various models of these drawers are available in the marketplace today. Some of the more popular ones include: Composite drawer 1U, ANSI Terminal drawer with Console Switch 1U, DVI Drawer, PS2 1U/2U Drawer, PS2 Dual Slide, SUN Drawer, SUN with USB KVM, Sunlight Readable Drawer, USB Drawer 1U/2U, Dual Slide USB and Drawer with CAT5 IP KVM Switch. A unique model that has two sliding mechanisms – one for the mouse/keyboard portion and another for the LCD – is the dual slide 1U KVM Drawer. These features operate independently of one another allowing the LCD portion to remain open while the rack door is closed.

The DVI, SUN, Composite and S-Video drawers differ in the type of video connections supported by them. Compatible with a variety of systems, including Windows, SUN, Dell, UNIX, and Linux, these units are available with either 17", 19" or 20" LCD screens. Certified by CE, FCC, TAA and VCCI, these devices have a black anodized aluminum front panel. Equipped with lock out slide rails which prevent movement of the keyboard, these drawers have a unique design that maximizes rack mountable space. All of these Rackmount KVM drawer units have a built in on screen display (OSD) for ease of operation and setup. Each is hot pluggable, allowing for PCs to be added or removed without powering down the USB KVM switch or computers. Requiring no additional software for installation, the devices can be controlled via the On Screen Display, Push Buttons or by using Hot Key Commands. Some models also support multiple languages and have the ability to automatically sense video resolution for best screen capture.

The IP KVM drawers also offer a 128 bit secure browser based user access from anywhere in the world over IP. This device also has an auto scan feature which enables regular monitoring of servers between 5 to 99 seconds. A cost effective solution for server rooms, the KVM Drawer is as a boon for network administrators as it saves valuable rack space and enables them to access their computer systems through standard server rack environments.